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Hot Summer Cartilage Piercing Adventure

August 1st. Exactly three years before this, I had gotten my ears pierced for the first time. It was nothing big, just one hole in each lobe. I remember waking up and it was smoldering hot out. Another boring summer with nothing to do. That's when I remembered what the date was, my piercings' birthday! Time to celebrate. It came to me that the only thing to do was to pierce my ear again. I had always wanted another piercing and the day seemed perfect for another experience.

I took a shower, got dressed in some comfy clothes, and started collecting my materials. First, I found a large old sewing needle which seemed extra dirty - dumb me wasn't worried about this fact back then. I grabbed our bottle of rubbing alcohol, some q-tips, some cotton balls, a bag of ice, an apple slice [I saw this on 'The Parent Trap'] and my first earring. I set up in my mom's bedroom which was equipped with a large mirror with two tables connected on either side, which was perfect for storing my tools. I turned on her tv to a stupid daytime television show. I was a little nervous, because last time I had done this it ended up a big mess with my mom finding out. I shook out my nerves and took a deep breathe. I was ready.

I poured the rubbing alcohol into a little cup and dropped my earring and needle in. Then, I lit a candle and pulled the needle out so I could run it through the flame for a little extra disinfecting. Lastly, I soaked a cotton ball with the alcohol and drenched my whole ear. I grabbed the ice bag and numbed my ear, which later I realized didn't help much. I was finally ready to pierce. I took the apple slice and placed it behind my ear so I wouldn't poke the needle into my head, haha.

I took the needle in my hand and began to add pressure to my lower cartilage [I hadn't really decided where it was going to go, I just went where ever]. The pain was bearable, nothing more then a bit of a pinch. I kept pushing. It was gross because you could hear the needle break into each layer of skin, through the cartilage, and lastly out the other side. The pushing took a while since the sound effects were making me queazy. When the needle broke through my ear, I stopped and took a deep breath. My ear had turned bright red, but I couldn't really feel anything. I was so happy! I couldn't wait to put my earring in...which sort of turned out to be a problem. I slipped the needle out way to early and tried to put my earring in. Bad bad bad bad bad idea. I couldn't find the hole so I ended up trying to push the earring in where I "thought" the hole had been. After I actually got it in, I couldn't push it out the back. This caused a ton of frustration and actually, some tears a s well. But in the end I got the earring in with the backing on. I was thrilled! And it actually looked good! It ended up being on the lower half of my cartilage, towards the middle. It looks great with a little gold hoop in it and compliments the pearls I wear in my lobes.

Of course sleeping on it hurt like nothing else and I actually ran into some trouble down at the beach. We were playing frisbee and a nice throw by my uncle ended up banging right into my new piercing, causing blood and pus and immense pain. The worst is when you get hair tangled around the posts and you have to rip the hair, which in turn tugs at the piercing. Ouch. Make sure you keep your hair tied up and away from the ear as much as possible. Also, sometimes the piercing would hurt a lot out of nowhere and other times it would be perfectly fine...I'm not sure if that happens with everyone. I've had it for almost a year now and it still hurts at times and has a red bump in the back exit of the hole, which I'm confused about. Otherwise, I love my cartilage and I can't wait to pierce it again.

There's a reason why I did this one myself. My mom is totally 100% against any kind of piercing that she doesn't have. This meant I would have to do some intense hiding. Hiding it. Hmph. I wore a hat for six months at my house until the hole had healed enough so I could put in a smaller earring. LONGEST SIX MONTHS EVER. My mom still doesn't know I have it, hahaha. So worth it though.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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