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Brilliant Tragus Piercing Experience

My name is Amy, I'm 16 years old and I got my tragus pierced just over an hour ago!

I live in the south-east of Cyprus and I have wanted my tragus pierced for a few months now. I saw a girl with it and I really loved how pretty and delicate, yet cool it looked. I thought a lot about getting the piercing and spent numerous hours on websites reading other peoples experiences, watching videos, looking at pictures and reading about the risks and healing time. I was rather worried that the piercing would hurt loads, because the few people I know with tragus piercings all have helix cartilage piercings, and I only have three lobe piercings.

However, I was determined to get my tragus pierced and I managed to convince my parents into agreeing, provided I don't get any tattoos or body piercings until I'm 21 (ha ha). My mum was rather against the piercing from the beginning as she doesn't think it's 'normal', but I don't want to be normal! Normal is boring! I explained that I wanted to express myself as an individual and it was an expression of free will and creativity and she agreed to let me have it. I was rather shocked as from the beginning my dad didn't seem too against the idea, and he is more protective.

I am going to England in three days and I was going to get it done there, but I wouldn't be able to for another three weeks due to where I'm going to be staying, and I wanted to get it pierced as quickly as possible, mainly so it has longer to heal as when I return from the UK in August I will hopefully be able to participate in a scuba-diving course. I also wanted it to be pretty much healed by the time I go to my new 6th form college in September.

Anyway, last night I talked my parents round to my way of thinking (they'd had a few beers :D) and at just after 11 o'clock this morning, my mum took me to 'Tattoo By Cozzi', a tattoo and body piercing shop on the Larnaca strip.

I was slightly worried because I know that hygeine and safety is not always of the highest quality in Cyprus, however as soon as I entered the studio I was relieved.

It was immaculately clean and I could see all the sterile needles in their packages and all his other equipment waiting for their use. Cozzi was friendly and open and explained to me all about the piercing.

I had to fill out a disclaimer form, which my mum had to sign too as I am under 18 (although he thought I was 18). He then took me to the chair and told me all about what he was going to do and why. He swabbed my ear with a sterile solution of some kind then marked where he was going to pierce. He wore gloves at all times, took his clamping instruments out of a boiling/cleaning/antiseptic machine thingy and unwrapped a sterile needle from its package. He then clamped my ear and pushed the needle through!

The piercing hurt far less than I expected, and yes, I heard the infamous 'crunch' as the needle passed through my tragus! He then cut the needle (I think. I couldn't actually see but this is what it felt like) and threaded through the jewellery that I had previously selected (a steel labret stud. I thought would be easier to clean and get in the way less as the back is flat e.g. when using headphones than a barbell with a bead). He swabbed my piercing (I think I bled a small amount, and we had a joke that I was severely bleeding and needed to go to the hospital for major surgery :) )

The whole process was over quickly, and as I said earlier, it hurt far less than I expected. The worse bit of the whole procedure was when he swabbed the piercing with an antiseptic solution and it stung.

There obviously isn't any more I can say about the healing process, as my piercing is barely two hours old, but I have had no problems like bleeding or much pain so far. I expect it'll hurt in the morning!

If you are in Cyprus, whether you're a local, British Forces or just on holiday and fancy a piercing or tattoo, I encourage you to visit 'Tattoo By Cozzi'. I have many friends who have had various piercings and tattoos there and they have all remarked on the cleanliness, atmosphere and happiness at their body mod. Cozzi was a great piercer, very friendly and funny man and he's covered in piercings and tattoos himself, which is quite reassuring!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and if anyone is contemplating a tragus piercing, just go for it! It is a small and stylish piercing yet unusual and individual. I'm so pleased I have had my tragus pierced, I would definitely recommend the piercing, Cozzi and his business.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Cozzi
Studio: Tattoo+By+Cozzi
Location: Larnaca+Strip%2C+Cyprus

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