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My first piercing! The tragus!

I've been wanting a piercing of some kind for a really long time. A few months ago I decided I'd get my nipples done for sure (after deciding not to get my navel done), but I need to wait until the end of summer. I work as a lifeguard, and I doubt tight spandex and fresh nipple piercings agree, so I thought I'd get something else done first. I decided I wanted something in my ear. I don't care much for facial piercings, like lip or eyebrow or septum, and I didn't want my navel done after debating for several months. (I couldn't have gotten it done at this time anyway; lifeguarding!) I looked at different ear piercings, saw a couple diagrams and photos of all the different kinds, and I decided I liked the tragus the best. It's cute, easily hidden, and it really suits my personal look. I've seen a few girls with them, and I think they're totally adorable.

My cousin had gotten a monroe piercing yesterday, and I went along with her. She also made a tattoo appointment for today, and I went with her again in the hopes of getting my tragus done as an early birthday present for myself. My parents happen to know the owner, Michelle, and my little sister is best friends with her daughter, which is why we chose King of Kali. (We got discounts!) So, my cousin and I popped into the studio again today. While she was waiting for her tattoo, Emmanuel, her piercer/tattooist, was able to give me my tragus piercing. Her monroe was a walk-in, as was my tragus. I guess piercings go so quickly that walk-ins are pretty common/acceptable. He had just finished tattooing another girl, and he quickly took me into the chair once he was done cleaning up.

I'll admit, I was really, really nervous. We walked in and I heard the tat guns whirring, and a couple chicks had gotten tongue piercings done and walked out ever so casually. I spent a lot of time looking at the photo books of all the piercings/tattoos. I got even more scared when I saw some of the people's faces in the photos! And the blood! As soon as I got in the chair I thought of chickening out, but I had already paid, and if my cousin could get the monroe, then I could get my tragus.

The autoclave was on display for all the customers to see, and the studio was very, very clean, and fairly organized for a tattoo/piercing parlor. Emmanuel cleaned the needles, soaked the jewelry (he had gloves on the whole time and used magnets to handle the jewelry) and made the mark on my ear. It looked good, so I told him to go for it. Michelle held my hands and just told me to breathe. I closed my eyes, and I felt my ear being pulled, then the needle going through. It didn't hurt that much - it felt like getting a shot at the doctor. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. I didn't even tear up. The most annoying part was that he really had to shove it in there to get through all the cartilege, and he sort of had to shove my body along with it.

When that was done, he put in the stud and showed me with a small mirror. Bleeding was minimal, and it looked so cute! He sprayed it with soapy stuff and had me hold some gauze on the piercing for a few minutes. Michelle then gave me a small bottle of the soapy stuff, said to clean it 2-3 times a day and that it would take between 3-6 months to fully heal. She was very sweet about it all.

King of Kali in Sacramento is an awesome place if you want something done. The workers are professional, and very fun to be around. The studio is clean, the tools are on display for inspection, and everything about it is professional. Quality is never compromised. All of the employees, and even the customers, are entertaining to talk to and even more entertaining to watch. It's all a very hands-on experience, and everyone is very friendly and open. Emmanuel even had me change the music CD for him before he started on my cousin's tat! They really make you feel welcome there, and they're very helpful if you're not sure what you want.

I'm very, very glad I got my tragus done. It's absolutely adorable, and I totally love it. The pain wasn't that bad at all, and I hear it's one of the worst ones to get in terms of pain. A few hours later it stings a bit, and I can feel it whenever I yawn or smile, but it's totally worth sleeping funny for. It's such a cute, stylish piercing. I can't wait to show my friends and my boyfriend! I'm really looking forward to getting my nipples done next!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Emmanuel
Studio: King+of+Kali
Location: Sacramento%2C+CA

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