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Difficult Cartilage Piercing for Diabetic

Well, on a bright, sunny Saturday in April, I really wanted to get my cartilage pierced. I already had two regular lobe piercings and a navel, but I just wanted something a little different. Yeah, it seems to be a fad kind of thing around my area that you must have the typical 3 - lobe, cartilage, and navel... most add to it with the nose, but I'm not ready for that yet. (yes, I may be in my mid-20's, but I'm also not someone that has to have something pierced every month) I am also a diabetic, so I take caution with what I decide to pierce and how it's done.

So, back to my story, for some reason, I was about to DIE to have my ear cartilage pierced - I even went as far as to ask my husband if I should get both ears done (which I didn't, and I'm GLAD I didn't!). Anyway, I went to Heat Street because they are the only piercing shop even close to where I live that will do cartilage piercings. I called and they were open late, so we went there and had planned on meeting my hubby's sister and her husband for dinner. I went in, kind of nervous (not sure why, I had already been in a place like this for my navel piercing). He took me back, sat me in the chair, and so the story begins.. it took him all of 5 minutes to get things ready and to get the needle through then the piercing through. I thought it was the longest 5 minutes of my life! Like I said, not sure why I was so nervous, but I was. While he cleaned everything up, He went over the after-care instructions - no alcohol, peroxide, and "ear cleaning solution" from a piercing boutiq ue. He told me how to do the sea salt soaks and to wash it with Satin ~OR~ just to use H2Ocean on it 6 or more times a day and it should heal fine.

We paid and left. WELLL, truly, like I said, this is where my story begins with this thing. I did what I was supposed to - we bought the H2Ocean and I used it SEVERAL times a day, my ear stayed soaked in this stuff. Never got crusties or anything. It looked quite nice. Then one day out of the blue about 3 weeks later, I woke up with some AWFUL pain!!! I called, and they said it was normal, just to take Ibuprofen to get the inflammation down. Keep in mind, it was still swollen from the initial piercing. So, later, it did stop, and didn't bother me for another couple of days and still looked good. Well, then it did it again - throbbing pain came back and I did the same thing with taking the Ibuprofen thinking it would go away again. Well, this time, it did, but I got this 2-3mm bump on the top of the piercing almost over night. I was irritated to say the least! I soaked it with sea salt solutions for 30 minutes every night and washed it with Satin and continued using the H2Ocea n during the day - still the bump was determined! So, after fighting with it for some time, I went back to the piercer. They gave me this stuff called Emu oil. It worked for a while, took it down a bit, but then it stopped. I still kept up the sea salt soaks and all, but it seemed to be making a permanent home above my piercing. I thought to myself during the weeks of fighting it "You dummy! You knew you shouldn't have done this!!" Then, I started reading about it all over the internet and looking at pictures and it seems to be hypertrophic scarring - must have formed from accidently sleeping on it maybe? I tried not to hit it or anything so that's the only conclusion I could come up with.

Still looking things up, I saw where people used Tea Tree oil on it. Well, I finally went to Wal-mart and spent the $7 to get it. Geez, -just to let you be forewarned- this stuff really STINKS! Well, seeing as how desperate I was, I went ahead and used it anyway. I know you aren't supposed to use this undiluted, but I did read where people got great results from using it pure, undiluted, so I guessed there would be no harm in using it after cleaning my piercing. I started out putting it on a q-tip and using it on there in the mornings. Then the mornings and lunch, then mornings, lunch, and dinner time. Well, whaddya know, the bump is almost gone after a week! I am so glad to see that this thing finally looks like a normal cartilage piercing!

So, to anyone out there that is having trouble with their cartilage piercing, I would defiantly recommend tea tree oil! You may want to start off with it diluted anyway (even though I didn't) just because it does smell awful strong and it dries out the skin a lot.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Carl
Studio: HeatStreet
Location: Florence%2C+SC

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