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my tragus that turned double!

I have always been fascinated with piercings. I love the way they look and I like it when people ask me about them. I had wanted my industrial for awhile, but around here it is pretty expensive - about $80-85 CAD.

So I got paid the other day and I wanted a new piercing, but didn't want to spend the amount of money that an industrial would cost me. I started researching tragus piercings and immediately loved the way they looked, and one of my close friends had it and it looked wicked on her! I searched the internet to see how much it would cost, how much it would hurt, and any risks that could be involved. I found out quickly that it was considered one of the more painful piercings because of how thick the cartilage is and I started to get aprehensive about getting it. My friend didn't help when she told me it was her most painful piercing (she has 12) and that it was some of the worst pain she has ever endured. I decided that since many people have gotten tragus piercings and lived to tell about it I would be able to handle it.

I started looking into where I should get my tragus piercing done. I had my nose done at Metal-N-Ink in Hamilton and I really didn't like the atmosphere there. My manager refered me to Mata Mata studios in downtown Hamilton, as she was getting her tattoo there, and she said it was a really great place and the people were great. I called and they said it would be $60CAD for a ring. I decided that I would go down after work last Saturday and my manager would join me! We got down there only to find out that they were closed at 6pm on Saturdays. Discouraged, but not giving up, my manager and I walked to 5 different studios in downtown Hamilton hoping to find one that was open. I didn't care how good the studio was, I just wanted it done! After finding out they were all closed, we gave up and I decided to come back on Monday.

Little did I know that Mata Mata was closed on Monday as well. You know that feeling of anticipation for something, and you're so excited about it! Well that's how I felt, and when I found out I had to wait another day I was bummed! So Tuesday rolled along and my friend and I went down after school. What a beautiful shop! It was a new shop, tastefully decorated and clean. The girl at the counter was friendly and we made small talk while I waited. I was so nervous!

Finally, the piercer, Jeff, came in. He had tons of wicked piercings and was really, really nice. He explained to me everything he was doing and made me feel really comfortable and at ease with the entire process. I sat down in the dentist-looking chair in the immaculate piercing room while he showed me everything he was using. Jeff looks at my tragus for a long time, and I'm wondering why he's staring at it. He says, "Have you ever considered getting a double piercing on your tragus?" I had never even thought about it. He told me that I had a long tragus that a lot of people don't have and that I would look really great with a double piercing there. I assumed that 2 piercings would be double the cost - $120 CAD. He said that the double piercing would cost me $65 CAD, and that whoever told me it was $60 for one on the phone was wrong. Well since I had thought it would be that much anyway I had enough on me! So I told him to go ahead with the double tragus piercing.

Jeff marked my tragus with 2 vertical dots, I approved! I took deep breaths and probably broke every bone in my friend's hand I was squeezing as he poked the needle through. It was probably the worst pain I have ever experienced. I'm not even going to sugar-coat it - it hurt, BAD. Then I remembered I had consented to 2 and I had to go through it again. The second piercing didn't hurt as much as the first. Fianlly, it was over as Jeff skrewed the bead onto the two rings.

Jeff then explained to me everything he used, and how the piercing will heal to help me understand how to handle my new piercings. He gave me after-care instructions and explained everything to me very throughly. He told me to call him any time I had a question, and I left the shop with him and the secretary girl waving goodbye.

It looks awesome! It's been bleeding a lot but it's not too sore. I'm really glad that Jeff suggested the double piercing because it looks sick! I will be going back to Mata Mata for all my future body mods - they were amazing! All in all, it was my most painful piercing yet - but totally worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: Mata+Mata+Studios
Location: Hamilton%2C+Ontario

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