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Conch piercing

The past two months, I've been checking out different cartilage piercings. I knew I would be going to Qui Qui (Kiki) at Kaleidescope to get it done. He pierced my tongue about 6 years ago and the experience so great I knew I couldn't ever get pierced by anyone else. I thought I'd decided on an Industrial, but after looking at their website, I decided to get a Conch instead. I can have it at work because it qualifies as a stud and I can hide it if I want to. Plus I haven't seen anyone with one yet.

Monday, my boyfriend and I went to Kaleidescope, We walked around for a minute, I was nervous so I just wanted to get on with it, then went to the counter and told Qui Qui I wanted a Conch with a barbell. He told me they use flat backs and inner threads because longer threads are less likely to come unscrewed. I filled out the papers and paid ($45) while he set the room up. Then, he was ready for me. He told me the big red chair was for me and the bench was for my boyfriend. I noticed right after he put a pair of gloves on, he picked something up off the floor, and changed his gloves immediately. He asked me which ear, checked it for placement and piercability. I was afraid my ears were going to be too small to do it, but he said it could definately be done. He dotted my ear with a marker and made sure it would look straight, it was where I wanted it, and that it was a good spot to do it. Then he cleaned the area and told me not to touch it. He told me what he was doing the whole time. As he was telling me I would feel a little prick, he stuck the needle through the cartilage. I wanted to jump, but I gripped my hat tighter and made sure not to move at all because I didn't want him to have to redo it. I was a little suprised at how tender my ears are, then he stuck the barbell through which made an already painful situation a little worse. (Did I mention I'm a wuss?) Screwing on both ends of the barbell seemed to take forever (it was actually very quick) It was much easier than I thought it would be. I won't lie, it hurt a lot, for the next hour I thought my ear was on fire.

He went over aftercare instructions and gave me a bag with a bottle of cleaning solution and written aftercare instructions which include the Piercees Bill of Rights and his card. He told me not to mess with it at all. Moving the barbell is like scratching an open wound, it will lengthen the healing time. Check my balls to make sure they are tight because it will close without the barbell in it. If I lost part of the jewelry or wanted to change the top ball to come back in 2 to 3 weeks and they would do it, (same as the tongue when switching to the shorter barbell after the swelling goes down.) but no changing the barbell for 6 months. He said if I had any questions or problems to call. If I thought it wasn't healing right, to come back and he would check it. It takes 12 months for a cartilage piercing to full heal. It will look healed in less time because it heals from the outside in.

It's been 5 days now, it only hurts when I forget it's there and scratch my ear, bump it or roll over on it. The cold seemed to make it hurt the first two days, but not now. A warm shower made it feel really good. I found using a Q-Tip for the cleaning solution, drying in and around the ear works great(I found out an inkpen lid works well to scratch around it using my finger as a guide.) The worst thing is not being able to sleep on that side yet. It hurts less everyday. I'm going back to Qui Qui when I can sleep on it and get the other ear done!

The most important things about both of my experiences with Qui Qui was the cleanliness, the sterility, and the way he made me feel like he wasn't in a hurry to get to the next person. He's a very personable guy and he made me feel relaxed even though I was very nervous. He told a few jokes about piercing and talked about how warm the weather had been that morning (it was snowing when we left). He made sure I didn't have any questions before and after I got it done. I recommend Qui Qui to anyone whether it's their first or 15 piercing. He's very professional and everyone at Kaleidescope is very friendly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Qui+Qui
Studio: Kaleidescope
Location: Springfield%2C+MO

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