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Take Two

Just for background information, you may want to read this first.

Now...cut to December 27, 2007. It had been one year and a day since I got my spiral cartilage piercings, and 10 months since I'd been forced to take it out. (Infection plus migration equals a very unhappy ear.) I'd been missing it, badly, since it was the most unique of my piercings, and one of my favorites. A couple of my friends and I were on our way to the mall to do our post-holiday shopping spree when I saw the sign pointing to the exit we would have to take to go to my typical piercing studio.

"Hey Kameron...wanna get something pierced?" I asked my friend. He didn't, but I did! I don't normally make spur-of-the-moment decisions about piercings like that; it's generally planned weeks in advance and I've spoken to my piercer beforehand as well. But this time, it was a piercing I'd missed dearly, and we were there, so I decided it was a must.

The studio was the most crowded I'd ever seen it. There was someone getting a tattoo, several people looking at flash art, and several people waiting on piercings. Tim called me over and told me that a few weeks ago he'd done a spiral on somebody else and it had healed well thus far. I told him that was good since that's what I came to do. I filled out the paperwork and gave the person at the counter my ID as Tim found the jewelry. It was a 14 gauge barbell that would go through my ear four times. This was what I had originally wanted, but ended up with five holes at once, which was obviously not good. That was put in the autoclave while a girl got her navel pierced.

A few minutes later and it's finally my turn. By this point, I'm getting really nervous...when I get piercings, I completely freak out until the moment of the needle actually piercing me, and then I'm fine. I head into the piercing room, followed by my friend and his brother. Tim is getting everything ready and putting on gloves, and there's another worker there as well. There were two more people that asked what I was doing and then requested to watch (which is totally fine by me) after I'd described it.

He tells me that this time, he's going to pierce it farther toward the inside of my ear than before, in hopes that that will solve some of the problems of the first attempt. I'm up for whatever he says, so we're off.

At this point, I was sitting in the chair, trying to breathe slowly and forget all the people in the room. One of the guys who asked to watch now shouts, "OH MY GOD THAT NEEDLE IS SO SHARP!" like he's made some sort of new discovery or something. My instinct is to make some sort of smart remark back but I don't, I'm trying to be calm and happy. Then, another stupid comment: "Wow, the needle is touching your ear, that looks like it's going to hurt, wow, it's going right through your ear, you're so brave..." and he trails on. It hurt. A lot. And when I'm in pain, I'm not a very nice person. The second hole goes about the same as the first, him still talking about how sharp the needle is and how much it must hurt and things of that nature.

Normally, I'm pretty calm when it comes to getting pierced. I'll close my eyes and just let it all go. I hold hands with my friend, if I've brought one along, flinch and jump when the jewelry goes in, but that's it. This guy, however, was getting on my very last nerve and ruining this for me. I'd finally had it, and asked him (quite politely, in my opinion) to stop. He agreed and was silent until the very end, when he complimented me on it. "The last guy almost passed out on the third on," he remarked. I laughed and replied, "Yea, but last time I had this I had five...I'll be fine." And I was fine. The third and fourth hole went fine, no real distinction from the first two. "And...we're done," I hear. He pokes and prods around a little, and cleans off the blood. The barbell is arranged so it sits the way we want it to and I'm good to go. I walk out to the counter, buy some H2Ocean, and look with my friend at some plugs he was considering getting.

We left the studio and continued on our shopping trip. I was absolutely thrilled all day. Piercings put me in a wonderful mood (all the endorphins and adrenaline I assume), and there were tons of people at the mall to show it off to. There was the familiar pain, sort of a dull throbbing, nothing too excruciating but definitely noticeable.

There was a considerable amount of bleeding at first, but that stopped within a few days. For example, two days after I got it, I had decided I was going to take a nap. I must have knocked it on something during my sleep, because I woke up 20 minutes later to find my ear completely covered in blood, bloody bed sheets, and blood dripping onto my face and down to my shirt. Granted, it scared me, but when I cleaned it all up I realized it had already almost quit bleeding. It's been almost a month now, and it's doing alright. I've been using H2Ocean on it every day, along with spraying rubbing alcohol on it a few times the first few weeks (probably three times total, and that was over two weeks). I know, this goes against all good sense, but it was recommended to me and so I figured I'd give it a try. Seemed to be working well too, but I just can't bring myself to put alcohol on a semi-fresh piercing anymore and quit. It's still a little tender, but, for a cartilage piercing, that's to be expected.

I'm very glad I got this done, the first one was great but I actually like the placement of this one better. I hope it heals better than it did before, because taking out a piercing is absolutely heartbreaking and I don't wish to do it again. As with the first one, and every other piercing I get, I'm very proud of myself. Needles scare me immensely, and so each piercing is a feat in and of itself. I can't recommend Earth Moon Imports enough; I get all my piercings there and will continue to do so. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.


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on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Earth+Moon+Imports
Location: Wheelersburg%2C+OH

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