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Stretching up to 2g in around a year

I've noticed that there aren't many experiences written for first-time stretchers, people just starting from the very beginning. I thought I'd keep a record of my experience, for the purpose of sending to BME when I reach my target.

Stretching my ears has been something I've wanted to do for a long time. So when I finally got a reliable source of income, the moment I got paid I went out and bought a £12.50 stretching kit, a £3.50, red acrylic 2mm expander, and a £3.50 3mm flesh tunnel, totalling £19.50, which I was more than willing to pay.

Being a first-time stretcher I did a lot of research, mainly on BME, before starting. Using my saliva for lubricant (I know, ugh), I eased the 2mm expander through my right lobe. The hole was over 6 years old and so pretty stretchy, so the spike went through very easily with little pain. I have a very low pain tolerance so from the slight stinging and hot feeling of this, I knew it'd hurt a lot more next time. I put the O-rings on and carried on with my life. The stretch was very small and the expander pretty unintrusive. It felt hot for a few hours afterwards but the next morning it felt just like it had before I stretched, although it hurt a little to turn it.

Over the next week I bought a few more bits - an acrylic purple 3mm expander and a curved black acrylic 3.2mm one. Six days after my first stretch, the red expander was doing just fine - it didn't hurt, I could slide it round in the hole and turn it, and there were no crusties or bleeding. I decided that I couldn't wait any longer, and removed the red expander in preparation to put in the 3mm one. I lubed it up well (with Vaseline this time!) and started to ease it through. I would estimate I got up to around 2.5mm before the pain really kicked in. It was a sharp stinging sensation which intensified quite dramatically whenever I gave the expander another push. After maybe fifteen minutes of holding it in place and attempting to very slowly ease it through, I realised that I probably wouldn't go anywhere very fast doing this. I slopped more Vaseline on the spike, braced myself, and pushed it through really quickly.

The pain was sharp and made me wince. But it was through. I was at 3mm. When the stinging died away a little and I was sure I wasn't going to pass out or anything (I am notoriously bad with pain especially around my sensitive ears!) I pushed the expander the remaining way through, so that only a few millimetres were sticking out the front. This didn't hurt at all beyond what pain was already there. Then I slid the O-rings on, keeping them relatively loose to allow for the swelling, of which there was quite a bit already. My earlobe was red and quite sore to the touch. A few hours later, though, it was feeling pretty good. It ached a little and stung a tiny bit if I touched it, but nothing serious at all. I was quite proud of myself, and planned to put in the 3mm flesh tunnel once it had healed up. A week later, it had gone through stages of a little pain and then no pain at all, and then it was hurting a little to touch but nothing awkward or uncomfortable. I decided I was going to leave it alone for a few more weeks, just cleaning it especially at the back with Q-tips and ear care solution every day.

After about three weeks of the 3mm - switching to the flesh tunnel after a while - I put in a 3.2 curved expander, which went in without a single problem. Three weeks later I fancied going bigger, so I bought a 4mm curved expander. I put some Vaseline on it and pushed it into the hole - there was some resistance, but no pain, so I pushed harder. More resistance - then a small "pop" feeing, and it was through, completely painlessly.

Over the next few weeks I went up to 5, and then to 6.

(This is a 2g.)

There was hardly any pain for either. The 6mm hurt for a few days, but only when I touched it, and after five or six days I took the expander out and replaced it with a plug.

Meanwhile I started work on my left ear, progressing from 2mm to 3mm swiftly. When it came to move up to 4mm I was expecting a similar experience to what I had had with my right ear, however I tried twice over a course of a month and was physically unable to push it through! However after letting it heal again I tried for a third time and got lucky, using sheer strength of will to get it through. I was surprised at the difference between right and left ear. Overall so far the left ear has been a lot more painful than the right. I'm glad I chose to start on the right before even thinking about going for the left.

Despite all this, I had no trouble going from 4mm to 5. This time I used a stainless steel bullet plug instead of the acrylic expanders I'd used for all my other stretches, and it went through with only a little resistance/pain. Very easy. The only problem I've found using steel instead of acrylic is that the o-rings come off very easily. I went through two weeks holiday with only one o-ring and the plug falling out almost every night! Even if I use a much smaller o-ring, they still fall off - I lost one down the plughole while washing my hair, oops... However steel is a lot easier to clean and does not create as much yucky gunk as acrylic, in my experience. I'd recommend it.

I decided that after several months of one ear at 6mm and the other at 5, I wanted to make them even. So I dug out a taper and set to work getting my left ear up to 6mm. Because the hole was fully healed, there was barely any pain or resistance, which was just lovely after my previous experiences with that ear. Two days after the stretch I took the taper out and found it's gone a bit gunky, so I'll be leaving that in for a few more days and cleaning it up regularly. This is about as far as I'm going to go with my ears - 2g is big enough and I think they look quite pretty!

Words of advice:

Go slowly. My ears hated me for rushing them at the start. I know now I'm lucky that they both healed up so nicely. You might think that taking so long to get to such a relatively small size is stupid or babyish, but I wanted to do things right and not damage myself any more than necessary.

CLEAN THEM. I know I wasn't aware of this when I started, but my God do they smell like death. Clean them every couple of days and you'll avoid the disgusting, stinking crap that builds up around them.

Thanks for reading :)


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on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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