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My very cute tragus piercing

I only recently decided to get my tragus pierced. I've had other piercings such as tongue and navel but they are quite old (almost 3 years) so I decided I wanted to get a new piercing. I needed something small and discreet because I go to private school where students aren't supposed to have any piercings at all. I liked the look of a tragus piercing and thought it was quite cute so I decided on that one.

I chose ambience, a beauty parlor/ piercing place, because they're very clean and the only other place in town that does piercings is the tattooist and I had my navel done there that later got infected not good. I went in on a Friday and made my appointment for 4:30 the following Thursday because it was my sisters birthday and I was paying for her to have her navel done.

For the rest of the week intervening I was so nervous I read all the tragus stories on Bmezine and researched it everywhere, I was terrified that it was going to be excruciating agony because it's cartilage and I've never had any cartilage pierced. So I read all the stories most of which say it doesn't hurt but you never know till you've experienced it yourself.

Finally Thursday came around the big day. I sat through school all day feeling slightly nervous and worried but I was excited as well. School finished and I drove my sister and myself home so we could get changed and have something to eat then at 4:10 I drove us back in to ambience. We parked and I met my mum there, who only came to sign the form. We went in and the piercer came out (a very nice lady by the name of Sandy) and she got my sister and I too pick out our jewellery my sister chose a barbell with a black stone in the top and bottom and I chose a bar with a pinky purple stone (it was the only one with a coloured stone all the rest were plain silver or gold.)

My sister and I decided to get our eyebrows waxed while we were there so my sister went in to get her piercing done first while I went in and got my eyebrows waxed. The entire I laid there getting my eyebrows done I kept wondering will it hurt more then this? Maybe the sensation I get after having my eyebrows waxed will take my mind of the pain (it didn't) finally she finished waxing my eyebrows and I went out and paid then I went in to see how my sister was going. She was white, as a sheet there had been a problem the needle wouldn't go all the way through so Sandy had to push it through. Funny enough that didn't really worry me.

My sister out and it was my turn and I was extremely nervous. Sandy got me to lay on my left side (I was having my right tragus pierced because I sleep on my left side) I asked Sandy how much it was going to hurt and she said she'd had hers done but she had to take it out because it wouldn't heal. She then said that she was a wuss but when she had hers done it just felt like a lot of pressure and it only hurt a little. I watched her get all her stuff ready (it was all sealed in bags so it was clean) she then clamped my ear. I kept thinking I can back out now if I want I could just get up and walk out it won't matter but I didn't I just waited. She got her needle out and pushed it through. It hurt it really did, I gasped as she started to push it through and I could feel the pressure but the pressure hurt. As it went out the other side I heard a crunch noise. Sandy then pulled the needle out and said all done. It stopped hurting as soon as she took the needle out and I was very happy about that. She clipped off a piece of plastic that was keeping the hole open and put the bar through. She had a bit of trouble screwing the ball on but she got it on. My tragus bled a bit so she had to wipe out all the blood. I then got up and walked out. Sandy gave us an aftercare sheet and then we left,

It throbbed a bit after and when I was walking in the wind the wind made it sting but after a few hours it stopped. I could sleep on it a bit but not for a long time otherwise it would start to hurt again. I've had it for 2 days now I've had a few accidents I whacked it with the phone which hurt and I accidentally brushed it with my fingers and the bar came out a bit which made it bleed and I had to push it back in. otherwise it's been ok it doesn't hurt at all and I forget It's there.

Beside the pain I felt I would probably get it done again given the chance it really is a cute piercing and it's not much of a hassle. I think I might be one of the unlucky people who have more nerve endings in my tragus, which made it hurt more. If you really want to know what it feels like have someone pinch your tragus really hard that's pretty much what it feels like.

If your thinking of getting this piercing I say go for it you'll love it and be very happy with it.

Happy piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Sandy
Studio: Ambience+Day+Spa
Location: taree

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