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My Tragus

I've always been into piercings and tattoos since I was in junior high. I just loved that fact that people were able to express themself by a unique tat or piercing. I knew from the start that I would get tattoos and piercings (of course my mom doesn't approve of them). I've stretched my ears myself early in high school and I got my first pair of tats done last month (Dec. 2006).

Now, I come from an asian family that is sort of old fashion. My mother doesn't like the whole body modification thing. So I had to sneak my way to get a piercing. My parents were out of town that day and they usually don't get back home until late at night. So me and my friends took the chance to go get a piercing. My friend wanted her navel pierced and I wanted my tragus pierced. The closest tattoo/piercing shop was about 35 miles away (we live in a very small town). So after I closed up the c-store, my friend, her boyfriend, my little brother, and I were off to Nac.

We decided to go to Tat-2-Magick, since I heard it was the cleanest out of the two tattoo shops in Nacogdoches. I was a bit iffy about the shop at first. Looking at it from the outside kind of makes you wonder if you would want to get it there. But we went inside anyway. My little brother couldn't come in because they sold tobacco products and people under 18 weren't allowed inside. So he had to stay in the car (I felt bad). I was nervous about getting the piercing. I've never had any cartilage piercing (only my lobes) and I heard getting your tragus pierced would HURT.

My friend and I looked what some models of piercings they offer. I was suprised that my tragus costs only 35 bucks. We were wondering around for about 15 minutes until we actually got to make up our mind. So we told the people that worked there that we wanted to get pierced and they gave us some paper work. Oh yeah, I had to show my fugly driver's license. =[

We had to wait because there was a girl before us getting her navel pierced. Me being in the chair was getting closer and closer and I just had more butterflies in the stomach.

So I let my friend get her navel pierced first as I was contemplating whether or not I should get my tragus pierced. Now, I completely forgot what our piercer's name was...(was it Rebecca?) After my friend was finished, she said it didn't hurt. So I was next. I was about to back out, but I said screw it...it's now or never, right?

I told the piercer I wanted my tragus pierced. She cleaned my ear and rubbed it with iodine. I was lying on the chair at this point and I asked her if there's going to be a POP sound; she said sometimes there is one and sometimes there isn't one. I kinda freaked, I really didn't want to hear a pop...especially when I'm about to have something sticking through my tragus.

I was VERY nervous. I was even holding on to my friend's hands just incase it was painful. I remember there was this drunk lady on the other chair and she said it did'nt hurt at all.

The piercer got her piercing stuff ready...and the time was here. She clamped my left tragus, and told me to breathe in and exhale when she counts to 3. So I did, and I felt the needle go through, but to my absolute suprise, it wasn't painful at all. I felt like a pussy for hanging onto my friend when I didn't even need to.

It wasn't over yet. She had to put in the jewelry, which was a 16g captive bead...ring thing. It was throbbing but it wasn't painful. I was so excited that I got this piercing. I was so proud of myself for not backing out, too. I thanked the piercer and I gave her a 10 dollar tip (seemed like nobody before me that night tipped her so she looked surprised). She gave me some sea salt for the aftercare and I walked out with this awesome (and throbbing) piercing.

I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone. I have heard some stories that it hurts like hell to get a tragus piercing...but you never know until you get it, right? I'd actually recommend Tat-2-Magick, the people who works there are great.

This was such an experience and I am definitely going to get more piercings in the future.

My mom noticed it two days later and she told me to take it out. HA, yeah right. It's been 6 months, I still have it =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: %3F
Studio: Tat-2-Magick
Location: Nac%2C+TX

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