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My lovely new industrial

Having completed (I think!)my left ear with a tragus and snug piercing, I decided that it was time to start work on my right ear. Not being one for symmetry, I decided on an industrial as I've loved them since I first saw them, and having never seen a "live" one, I thought it was quite an uncommon piercing.

I decided to go to Nirvana in Glasgow, as that's where my snug was done and I found them to be excellent, clean and professional, I work in a hospital, and some of their hygiene procedures at Nirvana beat the wards there hands down. It made me very comfortable to see Marc practising proper handwashing technique, and when he dropped a(sheathed) needle on the floor, it was kicked aside and picked up after the piercing (to prevent him from touching the floor with clean hands and gloves)and a new one prepared. As an aside, I asked him to remove the ball from my tragus ring so I could change it, it popped off and dropped onto the floor, and he refused to give it back to me, instead giving me a new one free of charge.

Although I've heard reports that its difficult to get in there without an appointment in advance (although that tells a tale of it's own too I think), I phoned this morning (Sunday) and made an appointment for 3 this afternoon with no problem at all. Parking is very easy too, there are meters on the street outside, and being in the city centre its only a 5 minute walk from central station, down a straight road, so its impossible to get lost.

On arrival, I signed the consent form, and was then was taken into one of their (two) piercing rooms with its large mirror and doctor style bed. It also has a chair in the corner for your moral support to sit! Marc started preparing the equipment, laying out the needles and jewellery, washing his hands, and replacing his gloves after touching the outer wrapping, and only removing the wrapping completely from the things he was going to use first so as to preserve their sterility for as long as possible. He marked my ear,and asked me to check it to make sure it was where I wanted it. He then measures between the two marks with a set square type of thing to wake sure that they were straight. At the same time he used this device to show me how much bar would be visible and how high up it would be and asked if this was ok too.

It was, so he asked me to lie down on the bed, and which hole I would like piercing first. We decided on the top one, as I'd heard and also assumed that might be the worst, he told me to breathe normally through my nose and when asked, to take a deep breath and let it put slowly, it was whilst letting it out that he would pierce. I quite liked that, because I knew when it was coming rather than it being a surprise pain. Now, I am definately to be classed as "soft" when it comes to pain, but in fact I'd say it felt like a quick stab followed by that warmth you get afterwards. The second hole was worse (although I expected that) but even then, it was a slightly longer, and stronger stabbing feeling followed again by the warmth.

Now, as I mentioned before I am a wimp when it comes to pain, but this was definately bearable, I wouldn't even say painful to be honest, just very uncomfortable.

He put in two small which he explained would be in for the first part of healing to prevent ant pressure on the piercings and stop any potential catching it etc while its still sore. I was told that if I go back in the next two or three months they'll have a look at it and change it over to the single bar as soon as its ready for it (which he would bend slightly at either end to make it sit straight across my ear.)

I paid (£30) and was given a care sheet. Now, 4 hours later, its a bit burny and sore if my hair falls over it, but MUCH better and more bearable than my snug was.

I'd say, if you want one, go for it. Don't be frightened by reports of it being excruciating, everybody's different, and you might just be surprised! I love mine already, even with the two bars in (I'm calling it "my industrial in training"), and to be honest, my experience today has made me feel much better and more comfortable with piercing in general, so much so, I might just go back for an eyebrow next weekend!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Marc
Studio: Nirvana
Location: Glasgow

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