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How to make the cover of BME

One day I had decided I wanted a 2ga vertical industrial in my inner conch. Unfortuantely, this wasn't going to work out because of the placement of my 2ga inner conches. Damn. So we (Mike and I) came up with another idea, dermal punch my upper cartilage, or "flats" as they're sometimes called. So I went home and grabbed a piece of 2ga jewellery and we went to it. Everything was set up and my ear was prepped with rubbing alcohol.

Mike told me to take a deep breath in, and then a deep breath out. The 8mm punch went through my ear like butter with a huge cracking noise. He grabbed my jewellery and followed through but the flare on the 2ga (it was single flared) was too small, so the jewellery just fell through. Mike left me bleeding to grab a piece of 0ga jewellery and I told him to taper up a size, but we decided against it. The jewellery was inserted without a problem, a single flared stainless steel eyelet and blood was mopped up. After the bleeding was done we tried to put my orbital back in, but that didn't work because of the eyelet being in the way. This just made it bleed more, so I figured, fuck it, I'll do it when I get home.

I went to school with my throbbing, bloody ear and wrote an exam and then went home to try to insert the orbital around the eyelet. It started to gush blood and covered my face. I made the cover of BME with that picture. The healing went pretty well, I downsized the jewellery after a few days and no longer wear jewellery in it another. It's about 6ga right now.

The other side went a lot better. This happened a few months later right before a KMFDM concert. We had been goofing around all day and decided to punch my other ear to match, but to taper this time as not to have the same amount of blood. I don't mind blood, or being covered in it, but it's a pain in the ass to clean up. I was told to take a deep breath in and out and the punch went through my ear with a crack. It was more intense this time and I flinched a bit and said "oh shit", but by then, it was through. The taper followed, which wasn't painful at all and the jewellery was inserted. We used 00ga.

There was little blood and I had a huge hole in my ear. I went to the KMFDM show later that night and got knocked around a lot so I didn't notice how bloody I was. I didn't notice how blood I was either when I had to call CAA (my tire came off of my car and into the bushes) and I didn't notice how bloody it was when I woke up at 7:30am to get back to school (4 hour drive) for class at 10. Somehow, I made it. I hadn't been drinking at the show either, because I was driving that night. (I admit I did have a beer with Sascha and Andy Selway around 8:00pm, several hours before I was to be behind the wheel again.)

I healed the punches by using warm sea salt soaks and a little, tiny bit of lavender oil. I've always had good results with lavender. When I got to school someone pointed out my ear was covered in blood. I went to the bathroom and saw it and decided to just go back to residence, soak my ear for a while and go back to sleep.

Healing a dermal punched cartilage piercing is easier than healing a regular cartilage piercing. I soaked it a few times a day, and for the most part, left it the hell alone. There was a lot of blood. For the most part, soaking worked. I took the jewellery out after a while and now I just have two holes in my cartilage that freak out my manager at work. They did shrink quite a bit, the one healed with 00ga jewellery is around 4ga and the one started with 0ga and downsized to 2ga is now around 6ga. I love my holes.

I keep my ear pieces in rubbing alcohol in a little (one shot, basically) bottle of Green Apple vodka.

I would definitely reccommend using a dermal punch in large gauge cartilage, over a needle. I had high upper conches done with 8ga needles and those just plain sucked. To get done and to heal. I found tapering helped with the initial blood factor, but there was still a lot of blood. I'd have to say, in my opinion, that using a slightly larger punch than jewellery would be best for healing. I had the least problems with the ear that wasn't tapered.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: Welland%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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