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My First Cartilage

I got my navel pierced about 6 months ago and at the time, I hadn't really thought that I would get much else done for awhile. But, with the end of my 10th grade year coming up, I was itching to get something else done. I remembered that I really liked the look of cartilage piercings, like industrials and just simple rings, and so I decided to investigate into this. Eventually, it came down to just one piercing, on my upper ear because I felt it would obviously be easier to take care of. Convincing my parents to let me do this wasn't smooth sailing, but it worked out. I had been reccomended to look at the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) website to find an APP certified piercer in my area, and so I did this. That is when I came across Prix Body Adornment and after seeing that they were located not too far from me, I checked out their website. It was very thorough and the information answered many questions that I had in general about the place. This made a good impression on me because they even dedicated a whole page to talking specifically about their sterilization process and even included photos of it. Anyway, after calling them up to make sure that they would be available to do my piercing, I headed to West Hollywood. Finding the place was pretty easy, though parking was an issue (but it was on Sunset Blvd., so it wasn't much of a surprise).

Once I entered, the first thought that came to mind was how clean and organized everything was. There were separate sections for piercings and tattooing (which they also specialize in). There were couches to sit on, informative magazines, and they also had a large collection of body jewelry on display in a several cabinets as well. The woman at the counter was very friendly and talked to me about what I wanted. She showed me some pictures to get an exact idea of how I wanted it, and then had me pick out what jewelry I would get put in. They suggested to me to have a stud instead of a CBR (Captive Bead Ring) because it would have less of a chance of snagging and would generally be easier to clean. Feeling that I trusted their opinion, I went with this. I picked out a pretty simple silver labret stud, and then I sat down while I waited for the jewelry and other materials to be sterilized. During this time, the woman made sure my Mom and I were comfortable and brought us water. We were called in not long after and introduced to the piercer. His name was Nick, and he had gauged ears and cartilage piercings himself. He was pretty friendly, with a sense of humor. He had me sit down in a dentist like chair, which was really comfortable, and then talked me about the process and whatnot as he got everything together. After all of this, he marked my ear and made sure I liked the placement (he cleaned it before this). He told me about what he did to sterilize the materials, and he switched gloves about three times during the process. Then, he had me lean back in the chair and turn my head to the side. He told me to concentrate on my breathing and on the count of three he would pierce me. On the third count, he had be breathe out and pushed the needle through. This definitely wasn't the worse part of the piercing, it just felt like a pinch. I didn't even hear a "popping" sound. But oh MAN, did inserting the jewelery hurt. It didn't last too long but it was definitely the worst part of the piercing. Once that was in, he put pressure on the piercing with cloth in case it bled. Surprisingly enough, I hardly bled at all (which I was very OK with.)

After that he had me look at it to make I was satisfied. It looked great! It was in the exact spot that I had wanted it to be in too! I thanked him and he gave me a packet of sea salt for my soaks. Sleeping that night wasn't too hard, I just had to make sure I didn't roll onto my left side. I have been following the cleaning regime and everything for the past three days since I got it done and the soreness has already started to go down. I'm going back in about 3 weeks to get smaller jewelry (it was bigger for now to allow for any swelling and stuff). So far, I am really happy with it :D. I would definitely recommend Prix Body Adornment to anyone who is looking to get pierced (or tattooed) in a very clean, friendly environment.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Nick
Studio: Prix+Body+Adornment
Location: West+Hollywood%2C+CA

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