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Tragus to Helix

To the disgust of my parents and pretty much everybody around me I got my first piercing shortly after turning 18. I got my tongue pierced. Slowly but surely this trend began to take bloom in my small town all took my lead and got their tongues pierced. I looked around and realized I had started this trend but I for some reason no longer wanted to be a part of it.

By the time I decided to take the piercing out I had had it for almost a year and in that time had gotten my first two tattoos. Which again started a trend with all my friends. Parents hated me blaming me for corrupting their kids. It was quite entertaining to say the least. I went through a phase while I wanted to be normal I just wanted to fit in not have anybody look at me like I was a freak. I just followed the crowd. The perfect I don't do anything wrong ever crowd. Yeah right like that could last long.

About six months ago I got tired of trying to be something that I am not. I love love love tattoos and body piercing. So I just started doing what I wanted. I got this idea in my head that I would get an industrial done again. yes I say again because I have had this done in the past but took it out in effort to be "normal". This time though I decided to do it differently from tragus to helix. Then my only problem was finding a respectable qualified piercer that I trusted.

It just so happened that at the time I was dating a local piercer so I asked him how much he would charge to do my industrial. He said 100 bucks, which I thought was outrageous for some reason. We broke up shortly afterwards because of a long story but to sum it up he was an ass a married ass to be precise. I was glad I didn't have him do it because it turned out that he didn't really even have his license. Ecks that could have turned out bad.

I turned to the person who had origionally done my tongue piercing a couple years back. He told me he would charge 30 bucks. I was so excited I drove right down to his shop. he measured and modified the barbell to fit my ear comfortably and got everything ready for my piercing. He was a very cool guy and we talked about the pictures he had on his wall of suspension. I asked when it had been done. We chatted while he was preparing everything for my piercing. When he got ready to pierce my ear the other employees came into the room. Being oklahoma I guess most people are a little uptight and only want something like their tongue, lip, etc the common piercings. So the piercer was pretty thrilled to get to do something different for a change.

I was only slightly nervous I love piercing and tattoos. I am one of those "sick" people who actually think tattoos feel good. Nevertheless I was still nervous about the needle going through such a thick part of my ear. But it was over in an instant just a little prick and he was done. I was shocked and happy that it didn't hurt. they took a picture gave me my aftercare and told me how keep it clean and I was on my way home.

 I could feel pressure on my tragus for a few days but that eventually subsided and I was left with just the occasionally crusties those I can deal with no problem. I just cleaned the piercing out a few times a day and removed the crusty part. There was really no rotating it because of the placement of the piercing that was pretty much impossible. It healed marvelously. I love it when people notice it and ask me how bad it hurt. I of course tell them that it hardly hurt at all, but that I am not the best judge of that seeing as I have a pretty high tolereance for pain.

 I have plans for another piercing project. I am going back to Mystical Illusions and plan to get a sternum piercing well 5 piercings technically in the shape of a star using PTFE. If anything tests my threshold for pain this will be it. I am nervous and excited but I trust the expertise of my piercer. And what makes it even cooler is that the shop is going to be featured in a television show and they want to put my piercing on it yay that is so cool. But this makes me nervous because I know this one is going to hurt like no other I don't want to make a complete fool of myself on tv. Oh well guess we'll see how it goes. Will put up pictures when I get it done next week!! Wish me luck!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Ear Piercing

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