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14 to 0,Why I'm either very dumb or pretty inovative.

Okay, lets just start out by saying that Im veeery spontaneous, and Im the kind of guy that will make pretty big decisions on a whim. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE DOES THIS! Now that thats out of the way, I can continue with the story. I was on my way to work about 3 weeks ago, and on the subway, I saw this guy who had his ears stretched out, nothing huge, maybe 2's. Now, before all of this, I had been contemplating doing mine, but never really got around to it. So I see this guy on the train, and it hits me, I'm gonna do it....today...at work... Not the most thought out plan ever, but I followed through anyway.

I decided that on my way to work, I would stop by at the mall, go to hot topic(only place that sells tapers), and buy a pair of tapers, and a simple pair of plugs(Just for future reference, dont buy body jewelry from hot topic, its over priced, and not quite worth it). So I went into hot topic, and went to their tiny cabinet full of "options", and I decided on a 00(yes, double zero) acrylic taper, and 2 simple 00 acrylic plugs, nothing fancy. So I buy them, and decide to head back out to work. On the way to work, I examine the tapers, and realize that they DO go from a 14 to a 00, but it prooobably wasn't a good idea to go straight from 14 to 00 (no duh). So on the bus ride over to my job, I think of what I'm gonna do. First off, I decided I was going to use quite a bit of lube, and go very slowly. I work at an animal hospital, so I figured if the pain was too much for me to handle, I could always shoot a few assorted painkillers into my ear and I'd be fine, hahah. Not only that, but I did it in the most sterile, safest room there, the surgery room, and since I wore rubber gloves, and sterilized everything first, and could use surgical lubrication, I figure I was pretty much set.

So, now to the stretching. I took out my measly 14g rings, and massaged the ears first, wetting my hands with warm water occasionally. I continued doing this for about 5-10 minutes, as my co-worker "prepared" the taper for me. He basically applied a nice amount of lube to the tip of the taper, and continued up the whole thing. After massaging my ear, I took the taper, and put the tip against my hole, and gently pushed it in. At first I couldn't find the exit hole for the taper, and had my co-worker direct me as to where it was, and with a little force, found the hole and got the taper through. Once I found the hole, I applied a little more force, and got the taper in at the most a couple millimeters, so I decided to pause for a few minutes, and then continue again, having to add more and more force for each MM I got in. This process of adding more force and waiting a few minutes continued for about a half hour-45 minutes, and by the time I was done, my lobe was swollen as all hell, red, and hard as a rock from the pressure. I left the taper in, put on the O rings that came with it, took some tylenol, and left it alone for the rest of the day, leaving the other ear for the next day. I constantly examined the ear, and luckily, no blowouts.

Then came the next ear, which I did on the next day. I had a horrible nights sleep, because I couldn't sleep on my right side, or my ear would be killing me. So I was sitting in my living room, with some gloves I brought back with me from work, and this time I had my friend help me guide the other hole in. He pushed the taper in this time, and for some reason beyond me, he decided to twist it until it got into the other end. THIS IS A BAD IDEA! doing this, he ripped my piercing, and it hurt like hell. So after a couple minutes of rest, and a couple painkillers later, I continued pushing the taper in. This one slid in quite easier, probably because of the rip, and I doing the same more force, wait a few minutes method, I got it in at about 20 minutes. So now I had 2 tapers in my ears, and both of them were fairly swollen, the right still more swollen then the left(which ripped). I decided to try to put the plugs in, and got them in. Since I did all this that night, I decided to go to sleep. Now I thought the night before was bad, this one was even worse! I maybe slept 2 hours tops that night. When I woke up that morning, I looked in the mirror, examining my ears, and they were swollen as hell, if anything they got worse, and to top it off, I lost feeling in my lobes. I decided to go to the mall that second, and buy a new pair of plugs, same style, but one size down. So I went back to the mall, and bought a pair of simple 0 gauge acrylic plugs, and put them in when I got home.

So I get home, and I had the new plugs ready, I took out the other plugs, and my ears were bleeding something awful, so I quickly grabbed 2 cotton swabs, one dipped in alcohol, and one with neosporin on the end, and I cleaned it with the alcohol, then put on the neosporin, and put in me new 0 gauge plugs. Thankfully, it went in easily. I did the same with the other ear, cleaned with alcohol, applied neosporin, put in the new plug. My ears instantly felt relieved, not having the 00 gauge plugs in, and after the first day, the swelling went down quite a bit. From that point on it was a matter of not getting an infection. I would clean my ears 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, evening,always putting the alcohol on the plug and sliding it in and out, just to keep the inside clean too. I did it like this for a week, then I only cleaned them 2 times a day for a week week, and now I clean them once or twice a week. The holes have healed up nicely, and all in all, I got off pretty lucky.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: At+an+animal+hospital+and+at+home
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