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The box has been opened...

Having lived with grandparent's who have been totally against body modifications my entire life, I had never gotten anything done. Out of respect to them. I was surprised, then, when my grandmother told me she would get me my ears pierced for Christmas this year. We talked about it, and the conclusion was made that I would get them done myself because she wanted me to go to the mall and get them done with a gun, and that was just something I refused to do. 

I originally wanted to get them pierced with a 6 gauge, but decided that since it was my first piercing that I would take it a little easier on myself. With that in mind, I came to the conclusion that I would get them done at an 8. I figured I wanted to stretch them anyway, and didn't want a lot of tiny stretches to go through, that I would go with something somewhat large, but not too large to completely overwhelm me and keep me from getting anymore piercings done in the future. 

The decision made, I went out to Voodoo Tattoo (now Hub City Tattoo) in Hagerstown, MD to get them done. I went in and asked to get my ears done at an 8 Gauge, and the piercer there, Victor, told me that it would take an hour because he had to auto-clave the jewelry. So, I left and went to grab a bite to eat and calm myself, because come on, it was my first piercing and I was nervous. 

I go back to the shop, and Vic is all ready for me so he takes me back to the room and has me sit on the bench. He marks my ears and gets them level and asked me what I thought just to make sure. He explains to me that he's going to use a 10 gauge needle to pierce me then taper it to an 8.  

He tells me to take a deep breath and inserts the first needle into my right lobe. To be honest, the pain from the needle wasn't that bad. Then he tapered it. That's what hurt. He puts the jewelry in and moves to my left ear. Same thing, except now that I king of knew what to expect, this one didn't hurt as badly. There was hardly any bleeding; just a tiny drop of blood on my right one. He cleans me up and we go out to the counter so I can pay. I give him the money, he gives me the after care instructions and tells me to call the shop if there were any problems or questions I had. 

That was pretty much a month ago. For the first two weeks I took great care of them. Salt water soaks twice a day, and a wash with Satin before bed. There was little swelling even immediately after the piercing, and barely any the next day. There was some mild tenderness for the first few days, but the only real discomfort was sleeping (word of advice: memory foam pillows and fresh piercings do not go well together).  

Then I got dumb with it. I bought some 6 gauge glass plugs/eyelets in a set for when it was healed. Well, me being me I stretched it that night. I washed my ears good, soaked them in some hot water, and got the plugs all washed up. I prefer to use water based lube over petroleum based ones, so I lubed the plugs with Astroglide. Both plugs went in and through with hardly any discomfort. But, I got dumb a week later. I did the same thing with some 4 gauge plugs of the same make. And once again I did all of the above and still had no problems (i.e. no pain, no swelling, no bleeding). 

And my ears are going to stay at 4 gauge for awhile. With my job not liking piercings as it is, I figure stretching them much bigger wouldn't help me any. 

But, the piercings have done a lot for me, strangely. They've helped me, after twenty-two years, finally come out of my shell. I have more confidence with myself now. I really enjoyed the process of getting pierced, the pain involved with it, and the feeling of the jewelry in my ears. I'm an over all happier person now. Maybe it's not the piercings, but I like to think it was. Finally being able to express who I am after all this time, not being afraid of what other people really think- that's something that I've needed and wanted for a long time, and now I've finally got it. After just one piercing, I was hooked. 

Two weeks after getting my lobes pierced, I got my tragus pierced by Victor. But that is for another story and time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Victor
Studio: Voodoo%28now+Hub+City%29+Tattoo
Location: Hagerstown%2C+Maryland

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