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Stretching My Second Lobe (14g to 8g)

I have been stretching my regular lobes for a few months now. I got them tapered to a 6g at Evolution just a few weeks ago. My boyfriend who is also stretching his ears got his tapered to a 6g also, which meant he was no longer using my 8g pinchers. I have been waiting on him to change out his jewelry so I could do my final stretch on my second lobe piercing (I only have one on my right side that I am stretching right now).

My goal on my second piercing was an 8g, because I loved my pinchers a lot and wanted to be able to wear them more permanently than just stretching a gauge.  I planned on getting a second lobe on each side next to my 6g plugs and stretching to 8g and leaving the pinchers in.  I planned to stretch my right to an 8g then get my left pierced and start stretching it.  I just reached my goal about a week ago and just a few days ago I got my left ear pierced at a 14g and will start stretching it in about a month.

Now, back to my lobe.  I got it pierced a few months ago at a 14g.  I got it pierced at Evolution by Jeremy.  The day I got it pierced I got two lobes on my right side done in the same sitting.  This lobe piercing that I have been stretching was done first and barely hurt.  All I felt was a sting and it was over, the jewelry slide in easily and painlessly.

The ring that was used was a 14g 3/8" and I left it in for almost a month.  It healed nicely and I never had any trouble with crusties or blood like I did with my 3rd from the bottom lobe.  I used Dial and Sea Salt twice a day to clean it.

My first stretch was almost a month into having it.  It was pretty much healed and the third lobe was feeling better, so I decided to try to change it.  My boyfriend had just took out the 12g 3/8" CBR's that I had let him borrow and exchanged them for 10g's, so I decided to try it.  I got a little station ready with Dial, q-tips, a washrag to wipe off, and a cup of water to get the Dial off with.  I decided to try to slide it in without Dial first, since I hated how Dial made my ear feel and amazingly it went in without much effort!

I let my ear heal for a few weeks, before attempting my next stretch.  I had no crusties at all and my ear was never red or sore, so I made the decision to try to stretch again just about 2 weeks later.  I know you are supposed to wait longer between stretches, but it felt completely healed.  My 10g's were horseshoes and not the ideal thing for stretching since the threading had to go through your ear first, but I did not have any money to get new jewelry, so I decided to go for it.  I got my station set up again, with the Dial, q-tips, water, and a washrag.  This time I soaked the jewelry in Dial before even trying.  I cleaned my ear off and took the 14g out and quickly cleaned my ear again then picked up the jewelry.  It was a tight fit but after a little pushing, I got the 10g jewelry in just fine.  The Dial made my ear sting and took awhile to get it cleaned off, but I finally got it all off.

The stinging died down a few hours later and my ear was fine.  I had a little trouble turning the jewelry at first, but after a few weeks it started to feel fine and heal up great.  A few weeks after babying it, my boyfriend decided to stretch his ears to a 6g and that made my pinchers free.  I was excited and decided to try it again.  My pinchers are Titanium and in my opinion the best thing to stretch with.  Well, I got my station set up again.  This time I decided to try some KY liquid that I found lying around instead of Dial, which made my ear sting.  I put the KY on with a q-tip as thick as I could get it, then I cleaned my ear off.  After I took the 10g jewelry out, I quickly made the exchange and put as much of the pincher in as I could without pushing.  I got it about half of the way in right off the bat.  After I laid the 10g jewelry down, I started to push the pincher all of the way in.  It went in without a problem and did not hurt at all.  I was impressed at how easy it was and how the KY made

it slides in easier that Dial. When I started my regular lobe to an 8g with these pinchers, I used Dial and it was a tough push and hurt a little. This time it did not even hurt at all.

I have had my new lobe stretched to an 8g for about a week now and I love how it looks.  It is not sore and I have not seen one crustie yet.  I have been just soaking it in just Sea Salt, it seems to like that more than getting irritated with Dial.

Some advice, KY makes a great difference in stretching compared to Dial, and if you are stretching on your own, investing in Pinchers is an awesome idea!  If you have any other questions feel free to email me at [email protected]  Thanks for reading my story and Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Aug. 2006
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy+Pierced+It%2C+I+Stretched+It+At+Home
Studio: Pierced+At+Evolution
Location: Lower+Indiana

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