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From 20g to 2g.

The first time I remember stretched ears was when I was a kid, and my cousin had his ears stretched. I thought they were weird, and I never thought I'd do that to my ears.

Then the first time I stretched my ears, I didn't even realize I was stretching them. A friend and I bought cheap 16g barbells from claires and put them in our ears, it didn't hurt at all. Soon I saw this girl's 8g pinchers and wanted my ears that big. But because of lack of funding I stayed at 16g for a while.

One day I realized that one of the barbells fell out, so I searched my room until I found something random, that looked about the same size, and shoved it in my ear (I later realized it was more like 12g) and it hurt, in a kind of burning way. Then in the other ear, I used a ring from my friend's pants as earrings, which were about 14g.

After a few weeks my friend who was also stretching his ear, had a random 8g pincher with him. He shoved it in the ear with the 14g, because the ring was annoying me. It hurt badly, I did a little dance of pain. Then the next day, I bought my own 8g earrings, they slid into the ear with the 12g pretty easily. I was proud of of my holes.

8g was the goal. But soon after I got there, the mod-bug hit and they seemed way too small for me. So I bought 6g double flared eyelets that had a blue acrylic plug in the whole, they were pretty. They aren't the best idea for stretching, but they were cheap. I didn't have a taper, so I stretched it with the top of a liquid eyeliner bottle (and forgot to put lube on it :o!) This was a bad idea. There was a lot of bleeding, but after a lot of effort I finally got the eyelets in.

I stayed at 6g for a while. Until one day at lunch I got bored, and HAD TO find out if I could fit the kind of small red straws they have at my schools cafeteria in my ears. First of all, getting the 6g eyelets out was A BITCH! I had never taken them out before because of fear of not being able to get them back in. Then the straw was just a little too big. I stretched one ear with it in school, and it hurt. Then waited till I got home to do the other.

A few days later I took the straw out of one ear to creep this girl out and I couldn't get it back in. My ear was a bloody mess. I practically leaped into Hot Topic after school and bought the cheapest 4g earrings. My ears felt instantly better. Then at Spencers I found the coolest plugs, they were silver with pink rhinestones at the end. But the o-rings fell off and I lost one of them at my boyfriend's house.

So basically all of my stretches were dumb ones. Except to 2g. I bought the earrings a week after I got the 4g, but then waited another week till I put them in after a hot shower, and didn't even feel it.

I'm not sure if I'll stretch them more. If I do the highest I'll go will probably be 00g, but by now I've learned that goals don't really work.

Right now I'm focusing on getting my second holes to 8g, they're at 12g now, It was actually kind of painful to get there, which was odd because this time I used proper jewelry to stretch.

What I learned from my stretching, that I should probably pass on to those of you who are going to stretch should know is:

  1. Save up. You're way better off spending money on the right stuff than stretching it with stuff like straws and eyeliner tops.

  2. If you don't have the money, make friends with people who have stretched their ears. A lot of peoples save their jewelry.

  3. What everyone will tell you, patience is a virtue. Skipping gauges, and going to fast is a bad idea.

  4. Just because its funny to creep out that girl in your class by shoving random stuff in your ear, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

  5. The easiest stretches I've had were after a shower. Taking a hot shower before you stretch makes it easier.

  6. Share what you've learned, so that others can stretch their ears properly :).

Stretching is really addicting. I'm starting to notice a lot more stretched ears lately and I like that. I have quite a few friends now who have stretched ears or plan on stretching.

So have fun, and try to avoid doing it stupidly, although stretching wrong is often tempting.


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on: 22 April 2006
in Ear Piercing

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