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Half way there

Industrial was long time anchored in my mind. It was within my first piercing, my first ear piercing actually. But dealing with a bad piercer has taken its toll. I had to remove one part of it about 6 weeks after the piercing, and the other was out maybe a month later, because the angle was not proper for an industrial.

That was back in January 2005 that I took out the second piercing. In November 2005, the itch got back to me, surely I wasn't completely sure since I had to take it out, yet I decided to give it a try, and I ordered a Barbell for it. A month later, when it showed up, I was ready for it.

I know what I've done is not the best thing to do... yet I cannot change the past. This should only be read for the information. Please don't do this at home... you might not be as lucky as I am! I also have a lot of research and several tricks up my sleeve that, I think, helps me to stay on the safe side of DIY.

I took a few days to read and look around for info about cartilage piercing, about the different problems, the usual reason it was failing and such. I slept on it, and give it a go. I first took my time to mark the two holes, a good half hour to ensure it was where I wanted it. I cleaned a descent work station, washed my hand, gloved, and opened big sterile gauze, two blade needles, a receiving tube, some smaller gauze and my 35mm jewelry. I washed my hands again, and re-gloved. I took a good look in the mirror, and lined up the receiving tube and needle. I punctured the first layer of skin, and taught about the lining, I looked again in the mirror, and line up the needle with the top mark, ensuring it would be the same angle has the jewelry would sit. I took a deep breath and hit the cartilage, another one, a push, and a pop later, the needle was trought the cartilage, and in the receiving tube. I took a break, and headed for my second piercing, this time it would really be awkward, it needed to be from the outside in. I liked up the needle, but couldn't set the tube correctly, adjusted the tube, couldn't get the needle correctly... and so on. After 10 minutes, I just gave up, put the receiving tube on the outer part of the helix, and pierced from the inside out. A mere 30 seconds later it was trough. The problem I had to face, only one bead was coming off the barbell... I looked in my jewelry box, and found a link barrel, I was saved. I took 2 barbells, about 18mm, and slide them in the piercings, and finally screw them together. It was over, a bit tight, yet it was done.

Over the next few days, it was so swollen, it was painful. I had accounted about 3mm of spacing, ye it wasn't enough. On the 4th or 5th day, I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to get 2 small jewelries to end up the healing. I know it's bad to change the jewelry so sonly, and I've learned that the hard way. I first removed the barrel to free the barbells. I first removed the bottom and swamp it for a labret stud, a breeze, a bit of blood, yet it was nothing strange to me. I removed the top jewelry, and tried to slide a ring... but no luck, I couldn't get pass the cartilage. I took my taper out, yet it was not coming out, even with the taper. I could get pass the cartilage, yet I couldn't get it to exit. It was getting bloody, and I couldn't see the exit hole anymore... after 5 minutes of struggling, I gave up, and decided to try it back later on. I was pissed, yet I had to resign. Knowing when to back up is sometimes better than going so far that you've got yourself into a mess.

Over the next 3 weeks, the piercing I had left did a lot of crusties, some dry skin... It as yelled at me when I slept on it... It was a real pain in the ass. Yet I remembered how much I missed it back in the day, so I tough it. Then one morning it was just unswollen, the redness had disappear, no more crusties... Just like if it had healed overnight. I was amazed,

It now reminds me of its presence when I lay on it... or catch it when I comb it. Yet I love it, and wouldn't take it out! It's far from being different, yet it would be so easy to add another hole to create an industrial, which it was designed to be


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2006
in Ear Piercing

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