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My first love of two years

Since I was about twelve I have been completely in love with the helix piercing. Of course, I didn't know much about it then, so begged my mum to take me to Claire's to get a pretty little silver ring put in the top of my ear. This begging went on for quite a while until my thirteenth birthday when she said I could have it done. I was so excited, but when we got to the piercing place she told me she'd much prefer me to have my lobes done instead, in the kind of authoritative way which meant lobes or nothing.

Nevertheless, over the next four years I never forgot about my helix and how beautiful it would look with a bit of metal in it, and when my friend said she really wanted her tragus pierced, it was the perfect opportunity to get my cartilage done. Emily's Dangly Bit's in Stourbridge is where she'd had her belly button pierced with no complications, so we decided this sounded like a good place to go.

It was the day after I'd past my driving theory test, so I saw it as a reward for myself, and as I was now in sixth form, there would be no problems with wearing it at school. So on the 8th May 2004 off we went, three of us all planning to get pierced, one tragus, and two helixes. It seemed to take forever on the bus and I was getting more and more nervous. When we arrived I was a bit dubious at first because it seemed like a regular jewellery shop with a studio in the back rather than predominately a piercing place, and the woman had no piercings! (I always like to know that when the piercer says it won't hurt, it's because he/she knows from experience).

After signing the forms and buying some aftercare solution, we went into the back. The smell of antiseptic hit me straight away. Little did I know that this is a smell I would become hooked on as I got more and more into piercings. I volunteered to go first. Mainly because my other friend who was getting her helix pierced was afraid of needles and so if I'd have watched her have it done first, I would probably have run out of the shop and back onto the bus.

She sat me in the chair and made me hold some ice on my ear, calmly telling me about the aftercare and asking me the usual avoidance questions: Are you at school? Do you have a boyfriend? Meanwhile I was perusing the scary pictures on the walls of more hardcore piercings as more friends grinned at me from the doorway. Then, she sprayed the freeze on my ear. (I have subsequently learnt that freezing it isn't necessarily the best thing to do and found with my tragus that piercing doesn't actually hurt much without it). I think that this was the most painful part of the procedure because it was so unexpectedly stingy! She said she would pierce me once the tingling had gone down and kept asking me if it had, but although I kept telling her it was still tingling a bit, she thought I was just avoiding getting it done!

She showed me the needle in the packet and asked me which ring I would like. I chose the 1.6 larger ring and took a deep breath. I couldn't believe how ok it was. The only way to describe it was that I could feel the needle going through my ear but that it didn't hurt at all. She popped the ring in and the ball easily and then began to mop up my blood. I didn't bleed too much, but it was a little scary as it was my first needle piercing.

However, when I got home and looked in the mirror, I really hated it. This piercing I'd wanted for so long was hideous, and even though I cleaned all the crusted blood from around it, it hurt so much to turn, that it was more painful than the piercing itself by far. In a few days though, I had gotten into the routine of cleaning it and began to love my metalled ear. I used the solution they gave me which worked really well, although I know that salt solution is usually recommended. It healed quite nicely with only a few problems every now and again. The helix is probably one of the easiest places to knock on your ear, so I was forever catching it, having it knocked and stretched all the necks on my clothes trying to get them on.

After two years, I still have my gorgeous helix piercing and it has acquired a similar friend just below. It took quite a while to heal, and I still have to clean it every now and again when it gets a bit achy or if I've slept on it funny. The best advice I can give though is just not too mess with it for ages. I meticulously washed my hands whenever I cleaned it, didn't touch it or change it for about 4 to 5 months, and I still hardly ever play with it. Being quite paranoid I also didn't sleep on it for over a year! And now I have created a sleeping technique which leaves all my ear piercings a little space between the pillow and the bed. I really recommend the helix as a first piercing, particularly with a ring, because it is so much easier to turn and look after.

I will always love my first needle piercing, and even if I take all the others out. This one will stay forever. I hope you have an equally happy piercedness with yours.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2006
in Ear Piercing

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