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This "nerd" has a secret!

9/02/05 @ 5:32pm

This is the only piercing that I have that I can remember the date and time of when I got the gift that kept on giving. For as long as I can remember I have always loved body modifications, no matter how "weird", "strange", or "extreme". When I was a child going through the schools old National Geographic magazine just to get a glimpse of some form of body modification. When I was older my family banned me from trying to find any info about any sort of mods, rituals and most of all, suspensions. Well after a rough couple of years I left the "loving home" I was raised in. and moved in with my still current girlfriend. After troubles and tribulations it was finally time for me to do something for myself and to receive the missing part of myself.

On my 1-year anniversary my dear sweet girlfriend Candyce told me she had a surprise for me when I got home from work. She placed me in the car and took me to a local piercing studio. Well when I got there I was amazed. I had driven on that road a million times before and never once realized that that place was even in existence. I walked in and was a little nervous at the sight of the place, but when I saw the owner of the place my heart jumped for joy. I saw the man who had done multiple piercings and scarifications (mostly on my friends). His gauges were huge and what was left of any available cartilage on his ear was taken over by metallic rings. At this point I was getting ready to jump out of my skin but all I wanted to do was get pierced and feel complete. Before coming in though on this day I was talking to a fellow co-worker who had a gauged ears. I was taking on a 4 gauge needle then cramming a 2-gauge jewelry in my ear to get my desired size. Well, at the mention of my decision my friend freaked out and most people may not think it's a big deal, he did, and that scared me a little bit.

But now back at the studio on a prep table waiting for my lobes to get bigger, the main piercer and co-owner was trying to make some idle chat while he did his job properly. He asked my what I do for a living...well I work with computers and help my customers with any Internet problems that they may have. At the mention of my job he got a very big and at the same time evil grin that went from ear to ear. He tried to scare me a few time not to be mean, but just to have some fun even if it was at my expense. First he brings the needle to me and puts it near my face and asks one simple question that made me laugh, "Are you afraid of needles?" Well now as I sit with clammy hands and a jumping heart, waiting for the cold metallic steel through my fleshy "virgin" ear. As Noah my piercer inserted the first needle I was relived because I was expecting the worst and received the best feeling that I have ever felt. The second needle enters my right ear and that's when the fun really began. My girlfriend was to my right which was the second ear to be done, she got dizzy and asked to leave the room because the sight of the needle going through my ear made her feel like she was going to expel lunch from earlier. I had done it. Went through the desired steps to feel somewhat more complete.

As we were leaving the studio Noah pulls my girlfriend aside and utters the words that makes me smile even now, "He didn't squirm or even make a face. I thought he was a nerd." To which my girl replies, "He looks like a grease monkey, works with nerds, acts like a nerd sometimes, but has always wanted to become complete no matter what the cost, pain or no pain." I have gone back many times to Noah just to talk and to do some standard checkups on his work. Also because of what I have endured I have gone up to a bigger size as I write this and gained my "steel wings". I had my first suspension in an intimate session with just me the trained professional and most importantly my little brother, who now because of the example I set with our parents had found the way to talk and learn more about body modifications. I may sound like a "nerd" from time to time because of my job but I'm piecing myself together to form a whole person.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Dec. 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Noah
Studio: Evolution+Studios
Location: Albuquerque%2C+New+Mexico

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