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My Rook piercing and infection - How I solved it.

I'll tell you a bit about me a piercings first. I used to be like a lot of people and see any outrageous piercings and think 'Ouch! I'd never do that' but slowly as I got older my feelings changed. I did have my lobes pierced two times but that was it. I just wanted to experience it first so I did it in a not clearly visible place. I went and got my naval done. That went well so a month later I wanted something else. So I got my Helix (Top left ear) done. That got infected but it went pretty much away after a day because I was near a beach and I guess that healed it well.

After two pretty successful piercings I was still hungry to have my metal stabbed through me somewhere. I was looking at different piercing sites and thinking. I couldn't get my lip, labret or tongue done because well I'll be scared how that affects my future jobs and stuff and I'm not too sure about anything on my face. But I do really want my labret done, I'm getting side tracked, but one day maybe. I would never get my nose done I just don't like it. So I thought a 'Rook' looked pretty cool. I decided to get it done on my right ear after the helix was my left.

After seeing me get my top ear done very easily my friend wanted to copy. I didn't really like that idea, because she was copying, but I thought I'd go with her and get my rook. Liam is a really pro piercer, I believe he's been doing it for 14 years and it's widely known in town that he is the best we have. However he kept telling me it would hurt more than my other piercing and it was alright if I wanted to back out. He said a tragus wouldn't hurt as much but I was decided. And it really didn't hurt that much anyway! The piercing was smooth and a week later it was still okay.

The mistake was that I'd become over confident. I didn't really need to clean the helix anymore and I got lazy with my rook. I'd also made the very dumb mistake of touching/playing with it. It soon became red and sore and I couldn't sleep on it. But still I just left it. A day or two later I woke up to - not anything like an ear but a bit red weeping urgh slab of meat. I mean it was SWOLLEN BAD. And pussy. I started to clean it but it didn't seem to go down. I was really worried and confused. People told me different things to make it heal. My friends talked about how quickly my other ear had healed and I realised that was from salt water so I began bathing it in salt water. I tried everything - Detol (anti-septic liquid), antibacterial handwash (which Liam told me to use when I got it done), salt. It became pretty bad and because it was weeping it became hard and crusty. I was talking to everyone about what I should do. Some said take it out but I was worried the infection would get trapped. Some said see Liam or see a doctor but I don't know I hate doing that! Mum can never get me to a doctor when I'm sick I hate going.

I was so worried my ear would drop off or something I was soon washing my ear 4 times a day. After two days it wasn't red anymore but it still wasn't fantastic. I got sick of salt washes and all this other stuff I decided to stop it. I just used what Liam told me too - the antibacterial handwash. I use cotton tips to clean it. I also realised that all these crazy things my friends were telling me were useless. When had they gotten piercings other than their ears when they were 4? I was the game one. A friend who did know what they were saying had many piercings. He told me to try Betadine which is antibacterial stuff mainly for cuts and gashes and minor infections. It's like a red liquid that looks like blood that you put on it and it dries red like blood and you leave it on. Pretty gross. But a day or two later it was pretty much on its way to full recovery!

Okay so I went through lots of pain, swelling, worrying and money. But I still love my piercing and I'm glad I didn't take it out. If you're thinking about getting this piercing go for it! But make sure you clean regularly, please! And if your rook is infected right now speak to a pharmacist or drug store peoples to get some sort of antibacterial liquid!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Liam
Studio: Liam%27s+Piercing+Studio
Location: Toowoomba%2C+Australia

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