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My tragus. It's sexy.

Look at your tragus. Isn't it such a cute, tiny nub...and wouldn't it look even so much cuter with a piece of metal in it?!?!? Well, I thought so and I wanted it. I had no idea that kind of piercing existed until my first year of college, when I saw it one day in lecture on some chick. I couldn't stop staring at it, and I was growing more and more infatuated with getting it done. After a year of daydreams and one vividly scary nightmare, I finally decided to get it done. The hard part now was finding the place and the perfect piercer.

I'm all about doing my homework before getting something major done and let me tell you, I wasn't going to go to any old place to get a needle stuck in me. I love BME for being the ultimate resource for bodmods. Nothing else that I came across could compare to the wealth of information I have been so privileged to obtain. As far as my piercing history, I have a navel, 2 on each lobe, and one midway on the outer rim of my left ear. My boyfriend was getting his very first tattoo at All Hallows Ink in Fullerton, so being the loving girlfriend I am, I went along to support his ass. To my delight, it wasn't just a tattoo shop, but a piercing one as well! I talked to one guy, who later turned out to be my future piercer, Dave, and was very impressed with his wisdom and portfolio of piercings. So that night when I was home, I searched All Hallows Ink on BME, and found some stories about Dave and the piercings he has done. It was enough to seal the deal. My homework was done and I was ready to go.

2 weeks later on September 4, (I know I'm such a procrastinator), I walk in with my best bud and my brother's girlfriend. On the drive there, and even when I stepped into the shop, I was chickening out because it had been so long since I had a needle piercing and based on some of the stories I read, the tragus hurts A LOT!!! Cody, Dave's apprentice, comes up and asks if I wanted anything pierced, I quickly blurted my tragus and made sure he knew I was freaking out. After a quote and a quick look at my ear (they're small), he told me that he would come back so that I would have time to think about it. The anticipation was really building, so after what seemed like hours (it was really 5mins), he came back, we filled out the paperwork, and he gave me the lecture on cleaning and a 2 week follow-up. Nonetheless, I had to wait another freaking 10 minutes because there was another one before me that Dave, my piercer, was finishing up on. (She was getting her pelvis pierced).

When he was finally ready, he told me that I could only bring one friend, so of course I brought my best bud so that she could hold my hand. We walk to a small, CLEAN room and he has me lay down on my back. He asks if I have any questions, and I asked him if I was going to hear a pop. He said, "It really depends on the person." Great. Knowing my luck, I was going to hear a pop, crunch, chomp, and any other disgusting sound. Wearing gloves, he showed me the unopened packages of equipment with the purple dot, signifying that it was sterile and has never been used. He cleaned out my ear, and continued to talk to me so that I was aware of what was going on, which was very comforting. Reading the stories about Dave on BME, I was expecting him to trick me...you know...count 1,2,3 and really push on 2, that sort of thing. He puts on the clamp and tells me, "Ok so we have the clamp on, and right now I'm putting a flashlight behind your tragus to look for any blood vessels. And you're done." Me: "What?!!? I'm done!?!?!" Dave: "You're done." There was NO pop or crunch, NO pain what so ever, NOT even the common, slight pressure for the needle being in!!!! Even when he threaded in the 16ga CBR (because my tragus is small), I had no feeling of it. My best bud who was watching the whole time, told me that he was really fast and efficient and she too was impressed. Not even 2 minutes later, he shows me the needle, and says "This needle was used on you and only on you and it will be disposed of here," as he dumps it in the sharps biohazard receptacle. I was overwhelmed at how painless it was, I wanted to kiss him right there on the spot.

After slowly getting up, I finally took a look and I absofuckinglutely loved it. We started talking about other piercings, in which he shows us his custom industrial in his ear, and his nipple piercing which to him hurt more than his 5 (or was it 4?) genital piercings. He goes over again the aftercare with the H2Ocean, and I'm all set. I gave him a tip for my gratitude and was overflowing with pleasure. It's been a week, and with religiously following the aftercare, the tragus is healing beautifully.

It's such a gorgeous piercing and I was so blessed to be under the gifted hands of Dave. He is genuinely such a great guy, while maintaining utmost professionalism: a perfect combination. Dave made it such a wonderful experience, and now I'm itching for more. I actually did get another...which will be another story. Too bad he's leaving to go back home to Virginia, and I hate California for not making it a home for him to stay. Hopefully if you're reading this soon enough and you want a piercing, stop by at All Hallows Ink in Fullerton and visit Dave, he makes every minute worthwhile!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: All+Hallows+Ink
Location: Fullerton%2C+CA

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