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My Bloody 6mm Punch

I decided that I wanted another cartilage piercing, however I did not want something as small and dainty as my other cartilage piercings. So I decided on a 6mm dermal punch for my right outer conch. I ordered the dermal punch through BME shop, and decided to let my piercer, and friend, Meg, do the procedure.

Meg recently was hired on at a tattoo and piercing studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. On a spur of the moment whim, I decided that it was the night to get in touch with Meg to get my conch punched. Meg's girlfriend Sarah had a piece of jewelry in 6mm for me to wear, so she sterilized it for me, it is a glass piece.

On the thirty five minute drive to the studio, I must admit I was a nervous wreck, wondering what it would feel like to have this biopsy punch rammed through my cartilage.

When I got to the shop, I immediately saw Sarah and then all my nervousness stopped. I was then just excited to be getting the chance to hang out with my friends Sarah and Meg and to be getting a new mod I have been waiting to get.

Sarah showed me around the shop, I was impressed on how nice the place was, I loved the set up, especially in the piercing waiting room! While waiting for Meg to get done with a lip piercing , Sarah and I checked out some jewelry in the cases, chatted a bit and waited for Meg to be done.

Shortly after waiting Meg came out and was done with the piercing. My excitement grew as I filled out paper work and paid for the procedure. Meg then took me into the piercing room where I gave her the packaged never been opened container the biopsy punch was in, and then gave her some stop bleed I had brought along. She had the jewelry sterile for me and had me sit down as she got things ready. On her working tray she had the biopsy punch, liquid ink to mark the spot, stop bleed, a scalpel just in case the punch didn't go all the way through and some gauze. Sarah gloved up and assisted Meg by handing her everything she needed.

When Meg was all set up she gloved up and cleaned off my ear and then marked a spot on my ear and had me look in the mirror to okay it or to tell her different placement, well, of course, I loved where she marked and told her so. She then laid the chair back some and had me tilt my head in the other direction so she could work on me better. She laid some dental bibs around my ear and head to catch the blood from the punch. She then asked me if I was ready and I said that I was, so she then lined up the dermal punch and had me do some breathing exercises as usual which relaxed me and then told me to tell her when I was ready, and then sat there for a moment thinking about the pain to come and told her that I was ready and smiled. Then "crunch" I heard the punch going through my ear and felt a warm sensation. Not an actual painful sensation just a warm burning sensation filled my ear. The dermal punch went all the way through my ear so we did not have to use the scalpel on it. Meg then asked Sarah for the jewelry, and she gave it to her, and then asked for the oring and gave it to her as well. Meg kept applying pressure to my ear with gauze to try to stop the bleeding, she then resorted to using stop bleed.

Finally the bleeding subsided and she told me to sit up slowly, so I did, and she asked me if I was okay, if I was dizzy or anything, I said no and smiled. I then jumped up off the table to see my beautiful new mod. I fell in love when I saw it, it is absolutely beautiful, it is the absolute best placement and Meg did such a wonderful job! Sarah was also awesome she did great assisting and being personal support for me, telling me that it wouldn't be bad and stuff like that. Just two very calming people.

I could not have asked for a better experience, everything went so smoothly. It has been four days since the punch and my ear is still sore, but I suppose that is to be expected when you remove a big piece of your ear! I am cleaning it with dial antibacterial soap twice a day as I would any other piercing, but everyone has their own method of cleaning their mods that work for them! As I said I could not ask for a better experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Meg+%28IAM%3A+Serpenttitties%29
Studio: Beelistic+Tattoo
Location: Cincinnati%2C+Ohio

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