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H2Ocean Addicts Anonymous

    In the four or so years since I have discovered the joys of body modification, "No" is a word I have become fairly used to. I have all but exhausted the ways in which I could possibly request parental permission to get pierced, tattooed, etc. We're not even going to talk about suspension, scarification and branding today; my poor mother would have a heart attack.

None of this is to say, however, that I am not modified myself. Out of respect for those who put a roof over my head, and will continue to do so for another year, I have tried to keep my modifications on the down-low. So, until I'm on my own, my 1/2 inch lobes will have to wait to stretch up to over an inch, my membership to BME is courtesy of a good friend, and my lovely, beautiful self-pierced septum stays flipped up while I am at home.

Now, the point: I managed to catch my mother on a good day, and she agreed to accompany me to good ol Chameleon in Harvard Square, MA, to get my inner conch pierced. It wasn't the scalpelled lobes or the half-sleeve I dream about constantly, but it was one more check off my body-modification "To-do List."

Two days later, I found myself in Harvard Square. The whole Chameleon facility just screams: "CLEAN. I AM SO CLEAN." The tattoo area is set away from the piercing area, the furniture inside the actual studio rooms are reminiscent of a doctor's office, even the floors were spotless. Not like we're getting pierced on the floors, but hey. A little extra clean never hurt anyone. Naturally, I had little worry about the sanitation of the actual procedure. The staff was super-nice, even down to the girl at the counter, who gushed about how much she loved inner conch piercings, and showed me her three, adorned with small stainless steel barbells.

After the necessary paperwork was signed, my mother took off faster than a racehorse on crack. Body modification really isn't her thing.

Owen was to be my piercer, and he ushered me into his lil piercing closet-type deal within minutes of the completion of the forms and such.

Although, as previously stated, I am quite far from plain-skinned, this was my first actual experience in a piercing parlour. I'm quite accustomed to self-done procedures. My little foray into professional piercing was quite a treat.

Owen marked me up and showed me the placement in a small mirror. We spoke briefly about the posters on his wall, and the awesome hippie store which had been next to the parlour a while back, then he took out the jewelry and let me look. A gorgeous, pristine CBR. Perfect.

Let it be known here that the man really does have excellent table-side manner. We laughed and spoke throughout the procedure, and he even offered some much-desired advice on my industrial, which has been so difficult to heal. I was never more comfortable and relaxed than I was during the few minutes I was in the studio. When things were all set and ready, he told me to breathe deep, and pushed the needle through on my exhale, just when he'd said he would. I'm not a fan of surprise piercings. I like to know when the needle's going through. My cartilage made a wonderfully familiar "Pop-op-op" sound, and I was one step closer to becoming myself.

The jewelry transfer was easy, and within seconds, I had a brand new inner conch. We did the aftercare thing and, thrilled, I made my way out into the waiting room. Owen's suggestion was a daily wash with Doctor Bronner's, with a "super hot" water soak, to increase the flow of blood to my ear. It feels wonderful, really.

I was in and out in less than a half an hour. Things were quick, easy, and pleasantly painless. My only regret? I forgot to tip him. I didn't realize until two days later, so I made him a necklace. It's kind of hard to remember in the midst of new-piercing excitement.

Also, I was quite happy to discover that Chameleon carried BOTH Doctor Bronner's soap, as well as H2Ocean, which I had only read about up until my trip there. I bought two bottles of each.

As the title of this account might suggest, I have developed quite the addiction to H20cean in the week since I've been pierced. I carry a bottle with me wherever I go- to school, to work, even when I'm out with friends. I've been laughed at for my newfound obsession quite a few times, but my piercing loves me so much as a result.

Looking for a clean, professional place to get pierced? Chameleon won't disappoint. I can't wait until I head back there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 June 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Owen+Beane
Studio: Chameleon
Location: Cambridge%2C+MA

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