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My Rook Piercing

    Hey how's it going? I'll start off by telling you all of the other piercings that I have. I have my left Eyebrow, my right nostril, my center lip, my left scaffold (industrial), my right conch, my left lobe 5 times along with one helix, and my right lobe is pierced 8 times with 2 helix piercings. I had gotten all of my piercings except my lobes and helix done at Studio 13 in Clarion. (The place is very very clean and the workers are super friendly and nice, and I totally trust the piercer, Glen. so if u live near Clarion go there!!) The other piercings I got done at Claire's, my hair stylist's, or I did them myself (which I don't recommend)whenever I was younger. After all of those, I am totally addicted.

 I wanted another piercing for quite some time, but our stupid school doesn't allow any piercings other than our ears. (I found that out after I got out of school suspension for having my nose pierced.) So I knew I couldn't get another new facial piercing until this summer strolled around. So I decided that I wanted a tragus to conch industrial on my right ear. I've been wanting that for awhile now, but I never had the nerve to get it done. But since my last piercing was my conch, I knew that I could handle the pain of the tragus to conch industrial.

Four days ago, I was in the mall shopping with my mom. I had a shirt picked out for me to get, then I decided that I'd rather go to get my piercing. So I told my mom that that is what I'd rather have, so she gave in. (of course) So after she was all done getting everything she wanted and needed, we had to go home to take my brother and his girlfriend something to eat. Then I had my mom take me to Studio 13. Whenever I got there Glen asked me what he could do for me... so I said that I wanted my tragus to conch industrial. He had me show him my ear and then he said that I needed a TRAGUS (which means a really big one whenever he stressed it) to get that piercing and mine was too little. So he said that I could look in his book and figure out which one I wanted while he went and hung out and talked to Todd. (another guy that works there) So I looked in his little piercing book and I saw five things that I couldn't decide between. They were the rook, the daith, the snug, the anti-tragus, or just the tragus. It was very very hard for me to make up my mind because I love them all. Finally I just told my mom to choose. She liked the rook the best... so I decided to get that. We had Glen come over and I told him that I wanted my rook. So he gave me the form that I needed to fill out. He didn't have anymore parental forms printed out, so we had to wait until he got the forms printed. In the mean while, I looked around at the different jewelry and pictures of tattoos and Glen stepped out for a couple of minutes. Whenever he returned he went and got my mom the form she had to fill out. She filled hers out and then we gave both of our forms to him. He then asked me what side I wanted it done on. I chose the right because I didn't want it too close to my industrial which is on my left ear.

Then he asked if I was ready, and of course I was. So we went back to the piercing room and he put the table/chair back up into the chair position because it was in the table position. I then sat down on the chair while he got out the cleansing pads, paper towels, the needle, a tube, the lubricating jelly, a cork, and a 16 g. 5/16" ring. He then cleaned my ear and put the needle in the jelly. He put the tube thing under my rook and asked if I was ready. I said yes. Then he pierced it. It wasn't that bad. I personally think my industrial hurt worse. He then put the cork on the end of the needle and put the ring in my ear. He had me go to the mirror and look at it... I LOVED IT! He then told me the piercing instructions quickly. Since I've been there plenty of times before, he didn't have to go into too much detail. I then went out in the other room and my mom told me to pick out a new bar for my industrial. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, but I ended up getting one with blue gems on the end of the balls. Then He gave me a sticker and cleaning instructions with a coupon for 15% off my new jewelry.

I can change my jewelry on May 7th and I got it done one March 25th. To anyone who is thinking about getting their rook pierced, I say go for it. You only live once and a little rook piercing isn't that bad.  It doesn't hurt at all. I personally think that it's a really cute piercing. It hasn't been that long since I got it done, and it doesn't hurt and I can even sleep on it. The only time it hurts is when I bump it with the phone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Glen
Studio: Studio+XIII
Location: Clarion+Pennsylvania

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