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My non 'standard' Tragus to Snug industrial

"What, the fuck, is that?". That question, I have answered a lot in the past week. You see, I wanted a new industrial piercing, but this time, I wanted something different. Previously having a helix to helix industrial, which became all too common in my school, I wanted something for myself. I had my previous piercing WAY back in October, and I was itching for a piece of metal sticking through my ear, and protruding out the other side.  

So browsing through the industrial pages of BME, I came across many tragus to conch piercings. I loved the look, and wanted a horizontal bar to compliment my (almost) vertical bar in my right ear. However, I didn't want this exact piercing, I wanted a tragus to snug. Restarting my quest for new metal, I searched for experiences on this specific piercing, of which, I only found 2 (maybe I didn't look hard enough), but this just spurred me on more. 

The Saturday rolled around, and I decided that it was going to be the day to get my new industrial. I drove down to KBS, where I had my previous industrial, only to be greeted by a 'For Lease' sign, and the shop totally cleared out. "Shit". However, this was not going to stop me. Technically speaking, I should have gone and researched other places, but the adrenaline was already pumping, I needed this piercing today. 

Driving over the toll bridge to Dartmouth, I knew there was another reputable piercing place called Dragon and Butterfly, on Prince Albert Road (easy to remember don't you think). I must have driven right past it, because I came to a halt outside Scotia Tattooing. "Custom tattoo work and piercings" read the sign "Experienced and trained professionals" caught my eye. Perfect. Walking up the stairs, I was impressed by the stone work outside on the floor. Inside the shop, the first thing I noticed was the glorious hand done artwork on the wall. 

"Hey there", I readjusted my vision to meet the receptionist. I replied, and asked about the industrial, it would cost me $69, which is the 'standard' price. I filled out the form, and was informed that I would have to wait 15 minutes for the piercer to come back and get prepared. 

After flicking through the tattoo folder for a while, I was called in and asked to sit down in the dentist chair. Immediately, I like this guy, his walls were adorned with Hot Wheels cars, still in their packaging, and Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise in a case on the wall.  

He introduced himself as Danny, and asked what piercing I wanted. Once I had explained, he said he would gladly perform the piercing. Next came something, I wouldn't normally expect before a piercing took place. The cleaning instructions. 

Telling me to clean my piercing once a day with anti-bacterial soap and salt water, making sure to wash it thoroughly, I listened intently and made a metal note of everything said. Next, he explained that he would customize the bar to fit the contours of my ear. 

I felt at ease. Relaxed. Happy. Danny was a very thorough piercer, and very on top of what he was doing. He next explained that he was going to be using a new bar and needles all of which had been autoclaved. He showed me them wrapped in the packet, and with his gloves on, he inspected and marked my ear. Also, he handed me a hand mirror, and told me to watch what he was doing to make sure that placement was correct and that it was what I wanted. 

Having cleaned my ear thoroughly, we started talking whilst he was customizing the bar. This took about 10 minutes. We talked about other piercing places in the area, and why I moved from England, and how I was finding it. Then, came the sentence that made my adrenaline pump even more "I want to do some suspension, but, there is no one in this area willing to do it" As I am currently attempting to loose a shit load of weight, I decided that at the end of it all, I would celebrate by doing a suspension, because I've wanted to do one for about 4 years now. 

Once having completing the customization, he asked me if I was ready to be pierced, he didn't need me to reply, he could see it in my smile. So, he told me that he was going to be piercing my snug first, and that I would "feel some sharp poking" whilst he positioned the needle just right. Telling me to breathe in he pierced my snug. It wasn't painful, it pinched, and I could feel the pressure, but hurt, it did not. He then explained he was going to be piercing my tragus. Again he explained about the poking again, he told me to take a deep breath again, then he pierced the tragus. Like the snug, I just felt a pinch; I didn't feel any pain at all. 

Putting in the bar, proved tricky because of its bends. But, it went in and the balls were secured on the end. I looked in the mirror, and beamed at my new metal. I also realized another thing, there was absolutely NO blood. Not a single droplet. Nothing. Nadda. Zip. 

He then explained that he was going to bend the needles that he had used so he couldn't possibly use them on someone else. I watched as he did indeed bend them, and place them in the biohazard box. He asked if I would be ok with him taking a picture of the piercing for his portfolio. I obviously agreed, and continued to adore my piercing in the mirror until he came back with the camera. 

After taking the photo, I paid him the $69 and also gave him a $10 tip, and told him I would be coming back to him for more piercings. He told me to come back in a week.  

During the week, I cleaned the piercing as instructed, and attempted not to sleep on it. So far I have had absolutely no problem with it. Many people love it, and many people loath it. But it's my piercing, and my piercing only. I went back yesterday and he checked it over. He said it looked wonderful and I was to come back 2 weeks later and get it checked again. At which time, I'll be getting pierced, by him, again. 

I seriously recommend Scotia Tattoing on Prince Albert Road in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Feb. 2005
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Danny
Studio: Scotia+Tattoo
Location: Dartmouth%2C+Nova+Scotia%2C+Canada

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