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Scalpels= very little pain!

When I started stretching my lobes around 4 years ago, I only said I wanted to go as big as an 8 gauge. I remember how big a 0 looked back then, after I hit the 00 mark I stopped saying "I'm just going to go one size bigger and be done" because it had become futile hehe. I have always loved the way large stretched lobes look. even when I saw pictures of them in national geographic when I was younger I loved the way it looked, but I never was sure if it would look right on me.

Cut to present. my ears were residing at a comfy 5/8ths of an inch, until  I decided to go up to 3/4ths. I tried to get one layer of tape around my old plugs, and they would not go in! I know you may be thinking oh, she just wanted to go up too fast, but my lobes had been at 5/8ths for about 8 months.  So being a bad girl, I shoved one in, and i heard it tear...ouch! I was so pissed. my lobes were pissed. It was not good at all. so i took the tape off, and put them back in. after my ear healed up I looked really close at my lobes, there was a weird  membrane-ish tissue around the inside of each of my lobes, such thin unstretchy skin. It was weird. I still to this day don't know why they did that, but one thing was for sure, they would not stretch anymore. My ears were mad and stubborn.

Thats when i realized that if I wanted to stretch up anymore (and i did) that I would need to try a different route and i knew that would mean Scalpelling. Let me just say, that the thought of getting my lobes sliced in half was not a good one to put it mildly. I am terrified of being sliced. paper cuts, accidental razor crust on my legs in the shower, I hate it. It is not a sensation Ienjoy. i knew this was going to be very mentally hard for me to do, maybe more so than my suspension. Now the only thing left, was to grow some balls.

When I was in town visiting Josh, we decided to do it. All week I was scared. Just thinking about it made me tear up and get scared. He kept telling me that it didn't hurt much more than a paper cut and i would be surprised how easy it was. Of course I didn't believe him. How a scalpel could not hurt ripping through my poor ears while squirting blood everywhere would not hurt, I couldn't comprehend. But dammit I was going to do it. I had to. I wanted my lobes bigger bad enough, so I would go through with it.

We finally got around to doing it on the evening before i was to fly back home to Ohio. We got to the shop, and hung out for a bit. I sat around all scared and nervous, my palms all sweaty. Josh asked me if i was ready, and of course i said no, and walked to his piercing room with him. I layed down, and then my eyes got all teary, and i started sweating... man was this gonna be bad. I lay there shaking, and he drew the lines where he was going to cut. He asked me if i was ready and I said no. I tried to calm my breathing. I laid  there for a few seconds, and got up and went to the bathroom to calm my nerves some more. I came back in, a little more collected and laid back down. He held the scalpel to my ear and asked me if i was ready. I just sort of nodded.

I didn't even feel the scalpel go into my left ear. Once it was in and he started to slice down, that was when I noticed it. it was painful, but not overly so, it was really like a paper cut. A big shitty paper cut. He stopped after finishing the cut and held some gauze on it. Then he tried to put the 3/4 Pyrex plug in...and dammit too small still. He had to cut again. I said oh no.. all scared, but still somewhat stunned that it didn't hurt. I was smiling but still upset. at what I don't know, but all I knew was that it didn't hurt near as bad as I expected. He went back and made another small cut but it still wasn't big enough. he cleaned the blood off and sliced one final time. Finally big enough! I have to say that the plug insertion was more uncomfortable than the actual cutting itself. Onto the next ear. This time he cut it big enough on the first shot, this cut was longer it felt, and my endorphines were worn off by now, so it hurt a bit more. I yelped, more out of t he surprise of the sensation than actual pain. I felt a couple blood drops on my neck and automatically worried I was REALLY bleeding. Josh reassured me that I was hardly bleeding at all, and I was doing a very good job. He popped this plug in with ease, and I sat there holding paper towels at my ears, stunned at how proud of myself i was that I actually went through with it.

I would have to say that they bled lightly for an hour afterwards, but then mostly stopped and clotted. After about 3 hours we went back home and I took a shower, and washed all the crusties off gently. after the shower they looked great. they were not swollen or bloody.

They weren't even hurting, I would say it was maybe a light stinging sensation, but nothing near what a fresh piercing feels like. All in all I'm very happy with them, they look great. Its only day 3 but my lobes are looking almost healed. I have just the tiniest amounts of crusties that I wash off daily in the shower. they do not hurt at all, and I love them, Josh did an awesome job. I'm so proud that I went through with it and conquered another fear!

I would recommend Scalpelling. Its not painful, its fast and it can help a lot. If your ever in Josh's area, i would highly reccomend him for Scalpelling and piercing. I love my lobes, and I am sure they'll continue to heal well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2003
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Josh+Neff
Studio: spirit+garden
Location: Northfield%2C+MN

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