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20 Years of Fascination

Well it all started for me when I was about ten or so. I guess I have to say that is when I first discovered my fascination for ear piercing.

Back then the social acceptance was very small, and I guess the fact that my Parents were dead against any earrings (especially a boy)made the desire to get pierced that much more challenging. However I still choose to follow my fascination (even if it was temporary).You see I use to pierce both my ears with a pin then push a stud through the holes and wear them for an hour or two and take them out before my parents would see. I'm sue they noticed the marks on my ears, but never said anything.

Time went by and over the years my fascination never faded. At the age of 15 I went away to Boarding School and I knew there was no chance getting pierced then(or so I thought)Whilst there I met another person who had just had their left ear pierced, and was wearing Fishing line through the hole in order to make it less obvious. I thought that would be a good Idea so Off I went to the salon an got my left ear pierced twice. Then I went back to school took the studs out and placed some fishing line through the holes, it bled a bit but that soon cleaned up. Of course I got quite a hard time from my piers, but my desire was so high I didn't care. A week went by and I was confronted by one of my teachers and ordered to remove the "wire". I sort of ignored this request and hope they would forget, however 2 days later the headmaster instructed me to remove the "wire" or risk suspension. So I had little choice. The holes closed over and they were lost.

For the rest of time I spent at school, and many years after my fascination has continued.Its only in the last 2 years that I've had my ears pierced and the holes have healed.

Yes 2 years ago I finally did it for real at home, and this is how it unfolded. After thinking long and hard about whether to return to the salon or not I decided no I'll do it myself. Firstly I got a needle from a siringe which was lying around the house (sterile of course) I then grabbed the dettol, cleaned my ear thoroughly, rubbing over the keloids left there from many years ago. I then marked 2 spots on my left lobe, grabbed a cork(which I found earlier), put it behind my lobe and pushed the needle through. I remember having to push quite hard (probably because of the dead tissue that hadn't disappeared)and there was a popping sound, I had a pair of earrings I had bought from the chemist, I took one out and removed the needle then pushed it through. Then I repeated the procedure, The second hole was not quite as difficult as the first. My ear swelled quite a lot and was very sore for a long time, I did consider removing the earrings altogether but persisted.After lots o f bathing it took 6 months for the holes to heal. Since then I have worn a number of different studs and rings however I mostly where silver sleepers as I enjoy this look the most. Looking back on the procedure now I of course wished I'd had it done by a professional, one because I'm sure the healing time would have been quicker , and secondly self piercing seems to be very hard to the holes straight. My second hole is not quite in line with the first and therefore looks slightly strange when wearing double sleepers.

My wife has her ears pierced but she cannot understand my fascination with the ears. She has a double piercing in both ears, but rarely wears anything in the second holes despite me trying to convince her. Deep down I would like to see her with an ear ladder, however I feel this may take a lot of convincing. I'm working on a cartilage piercing for her and plan to get her a gift voucher at the local body modification studio for christmas.

Earlier this year I discovered the Bme site, and instantly thought WOW this site has every thing to feed my fascination. I've seen lots of great piercing on this site and read many interesting stories. Needless to say that I've got some great ideas from this site and the thought of stretching out my holes for some 10-12 gauge CBR is growing. Although I'm not too sure what My wife would think of That!

I really do wish I'd had my ear pierced (Properly) when I was younger but I guess now is better than never. My advice is JUST DO IT. It WILL look great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2002
in Ear Piercing

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