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How I got my Plugs...

About Ten months ago I met this guy, who is currently the love of my life. A month into our relationship he asked me if I wanted to go to a suspension event with him in Brooklyn. Being a very open minded person, I said sure I'll go with you. So we went, and when I got there I was very nervous. Every one who was there was totally modified and I felt so left out. Then I started talking to people, and I realized theses are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Everyone was so nice to me; no one made me feel left out. Then it was my boyfriend's turn to go up. As I watched him get pierced, the hooks going into his skin were hypnotizing me. And when he described how it felt to be up there hanging by the hooks, I fell in love with the anything to do with body modification.

The next day I started looking at tattoos, not being able to decide which ones I liked and which ones would look good on me. (I cut them out, taped them places you know the drill.) Then I looked at extreme mods deciding I'm defiantly not ready for that, and being to young at the time I was only seventeen. Then I saw these pictures of girls with plugs and little tunnels, they looked so beautiful. And I thought to myself, that's what I'm going to start doing. So that's when I decided to stretch my ears. The next day at my friend's house, I choose my desired size then I anxiously started. We had two 10 gauge rings, some bacitraten ointment and then I took a deep breath... and one went right in. And I said, "What the hell we're people bitching about? This doesn't hurt" Then I proceeded to put the left one In, I let out a very loud ear-piercing scream and stopped, looked at my friend with tears welding up in my eyes and said "that really fucking hurt." Of course she laughed at me,  but I was determined to get it in but it was an acrylic ring and some how I managed to break it so I put a 14-gauge belly button ring in for the time being. Which wasn't smart it got all crusty and red, so after that I left it alone for a little while.

About six months later I had one 10 gauge that I kept switching from ear to ear. I soon started to get bored with them (only having one would be pretty boring.) and decided it was time for an upgrade. So while cleaning my friend Andrews bedroom, I stumbled into his little box of jewelry, and I saw a pair of really pretty red 10 gauge plugs. (So I thought.) I went in the bathroom and slipped it in. Drew came back and I told him I borrowed one of his 10gauge plugs hope you don't mind. Then he said they were 8 gauge plugs. I was pretty shocked, cause I had no problem getting the one in, Then I ran in the bathroom and went to see if I could put the other one in. But then I couldn't get it in, so I waited for a while. Then about three days later I went into the bathroom but some Bacitracin ointment on my ear and my plug, tugged on my ear towards the left and presto right in. I had this sudden rush and I ran into my boyfriend's room jumping up and down saying over and over again  " LOOK IT WENT RIGHT IN!!!" I was so happy, that I must have been jumping around for at least 20 minutes showing all my friends. Of course they didn't see what the big deal is. But my boyfriend he was happy for me.

So Now I have my eights, and I can't wait till I get my 6 gauge in, then my fours, and finally my desired size... cute little 2's! I can't wait, you may decide that stretching isn't for you from my story, but I seriously recommend it. It's fun, pretty easy. And the best part is you keep control of it, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! (Guys look so hot with them.) But you should wait a while In between stretches. I usually wait 2 to 3 weeks but I personally think you should wait at least one month. (I'm just very impatient.) Always and I mean ALWAYS clean out your ears and jewelry, I can't stress this enough. You don't want an infection or walk around with crusty shit on your ears or around your jewelry. If you borrow jewelry from friends also clean them well. That's about all the advice I have to give. So have fun with it, be smart and most importantly enjoy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Oct. 2002
in Ear Piercing

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