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My poorly placed tragus :-(

It was nearly a year ago when I decided to get my tragus pierced, after seeing a friend of mine who had just had his done. I had only had my lobes pierced twice and my top cartilage twice at that point, and decided I wanted something a little different, as well as hoping it would cheer me up a bit cause I had just split with my boyfriend of the time:-( The first time I went to a studio they refused to do it due to scarring problems with people in the past. So I then decided to go to Precious.Little did I know how much eventual pain the tragus would cause me would cause me... Luckily I met my best friend in the city and she agreed to come with me to get pierced because I wasn't in the greatest state of mind!

Anyway, after getting something to eat I went to Precious Studios and was told that it would cost me thirty five pounds, which I think is quite steep! Hehe I like to hang on to my cash if I can! My part time shoe shop job just about gets me through!

But I digress...So I parted with my hard earned cash with shaking hands and filled out a form saying that aftercare was my own responsibility and that asked questions about whether I had been smoking ( which I don't) and that kind of stuff. Then I just had to wait while Paul went off to get the equipment out the autoclave and get the room ready. My best friend had come along with me to stop me worrying, so we flicked through a few tattoo portfolios and marvelled at the flesh hook suspension pictures until Paul called us through into his studio.

The room which I was to be pierced in was very small, and spotlessly clean, which relieved me. Paul talked me through aftercare beforehand and then explained how he would pierce my tragus. Then he asked me to lay down on the couch, after I chose that I wanted my left tragus pierced, as I sleep on my right side and I didn't want to cause more pain than necessary. All this time I was really nervous but my friend helped me to not worry by kindly reminding me how my cartilage was about to be shattered!

After I had checked all the packages were sealed and fresh from the autoclave, and signed the relevant forms,we were ready to go! Paul marked my tragus with a cocktail stick and purple ink ( My friend worried that they would pierce me with the stick!), and I agreed with the placement, then he lined up the needle and pushed it through. It hurt a little but the worst part was the loud crunching sounds as the needle forced through my poor cartilage!! Then there was a bit of uncomfortable pulling on my ear while the BCR (ball closure ring)was fitted, and then it was done, but bleeding quite a bit. Once I was cleaned up, I took a look in the mirror and thought it was ok. I guess I was too wobbly to see straight!

Unfortunately, it was only when I got home and the swelling and redness had gone down after a couple of weeks that I noticed the placement of the piercing was terrible. It was much to far down my tragus with enough space to add another piercing easily. I was kind of angry, but I knew I would have to wait to do anything about it.

So four months later when the pain and lymph were finally gone, I went back to Precious, showed them their mistake and got my left tragus pierced again just above the first, by Alex,this time with a small bar. This time, it really hurt badly but I got over it... and I got a discount!

Thankfully, I'm pleased to say that another four months down the line, it's looking great and I'm really happy that I have it pierced twice as it makes it a little more unusual and I can wear two kinds of jewellery at once! The only bad experience I have had so far is when the ball of the bar came unscrewed and the bar fell into my ear! Which was pretty scary. I somehow managed to get it back in though and have been extra careful and problem free ever since. I guess my tragus has also prompted me to get my other 'modifications'- rim of helix ( soon to become industrial!), navel, stretched lobes, more lobe piercings...and I want to get something else soon, I just can't decide what.

So, I guess the moral of my long and rambling experience is, make sure that you are happy with the way you are marked before the needle goes through! Feel free to mail me with any questions or comments :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 2002
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Precious+Piercing
Location: Norwich%2C+England

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