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Rolled up joints and a tragus piercing?

This is about my tragus experience, and the day that led up to it. It wasn't my first piercing. But it was my first cartilage piercing, and only one besides my lobes, which I had a friend pierce some time ago. They went from a little 16 gauge to 2 gauges nicely. So I figured it was time for a new addition!

This is how it all started: A few friends and I were going downtown to see a suspension. One of the owners of Mild To Wild (now closed), Pete the piercer at the time, was going to do a chest suspension in the shop with another guy. We had planned to go down to watch. Then my friend Jessie and I decided to get our tragus's done, since it was two for $60. Jessie said that the pain wasn't too bad; she had her left one pierced. But geez, she was wrong!!

We met at the mall then took the bus downtown. We went to Mild To Wild right away, just because we didn't want to miss anything! When we got there he was just putting the finishing touches on the hooks. We told him we wanted to get something done if he was piercing, so he handed us the papers and we signed. Instead of getting it done right away we waited while he took people ahead of us. It wasn't too long, but long enough. He took us into the room and took out the needles and stuff. I went first because I wanted to get it over with. Jess stood in the room beside Pete, while everyone else stood outside the door. He cleaned up the spot and got ready to do it. He told me that there would be a pinch, but that it would be over in a second. Well it was more than a pinch!! The needle wouldn't go though. So I was sitting there in absolute pain and him trying to jab the needle through my poor ear. He finally got it through, and then the barbell wouldn't go in. He had to repierce it with the needle in order to get the tiny barbell in. After I felt like I was going to pass out! He told me to lie down and put damp paper towels on my forehead and neck. I thought I was going to throw up, but I didn't which is good. I was so light headed for the rest of the day. It was Jessie's turn and after seeing what happened to me, I doubt she was looking forward to it! Hers went fine; it was done within five minutes. She said she forgot how much it hurt. She was definitely wrong when she said it wasn't that bad!!! The rest of the day I was drinking juice, which made me feel a little better.

In the end, we didn't end up seeing the double suspension because the other guy never showed up, so Pete decided to go himself. Unfortunately, when he was being let down the hooks popped out. Needless to say he was in a great amount of pain, but that's another story. I then rushed off to work and spent the rest of my day there. When I went home that night my mom was extremely pissed off at me!! She said and I quote "Piercings are gross. They make me want to barf!"(How attractive!). But my dad thought it was cool though! So that was good.

The healing process went pretty fast. The first couple of days it hurt to smile for some reason, and for a week the side of my face was numb. I was told to use Bactine at least five times a day for the first few weeks and to clean it in the shower. I did as I was told and it healed really fast. At times it was sore, but it got a lot better and is now completely healed and feels great. I also took Advil for any pain I had. In the end it healed perfectly.

When I think about it now, I don't think Pete was in the right mind to pierce that day! It's not right to accuse, but I do recall him going out repeatedly for what looked like joints, but who knows right?! I did suspect he was high though... Also if the piercer looks nervous, don't get it done. Go to someone you trust fully! Its your body and should trust the person jabbing you with a needle!! I don't really have any regrets, although I could've used the money on something more useful. The only thing I could really say about this experience is that I should've gone to someone I trusted completely.

More recently I had my anti-helix pierced by someone I trusted. I do recommend getting the tragus pierced though; I love mine. It's so cute!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2002
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Pete
Studio: Mild+To+Wild
Location: Ottawa%2C+ontario%2C+Canada

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