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"Hi Mr. BME person, can you tell me how to stretch my ears out big like you!"

   My story starts about 6 years ago when I was in the 5th grade. I was in a mall in Illinois and my mom randomly said, "Hey do you want to get your ear pierced?" I said yes and we went off to Claire's and got my ear pierced with a 20 gauge stud, yes I got my ear gunned but I was 11, what did I know? That was the beginning of what soon would become my ear stretching project.

The stretching on the other hand began 2 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I had just began going to a new school so I wanted something new for my ears. So I asked my mom to take me to Expo on the South side to get me an earring. Upon entering the store my mom asked me if I wanted my eyebrow pierced, so of course I said yes. We looked through the selection of jewelry there and a large shiny "HOOP" caught my eye, underneath the piece was a piece of paper saying "00 - $60." I was looking at the most gigantic earring I have EVER seen in my life. I asked the girl at the counter if it was for show or actually for ears, she replied with "real, there are people with piercings THAT big." I was amazed but kept on looking for my earring. No luck there so I picked a small "hoop" for my eyebrow and went to the booth to get it pierced.

Having found no luck in earrings I went to South-Ridge Mall and got a 14 gauge curved barbell for my ear, this is where my stretching began. The barbell popped in easily so I went home to look at my newly pierced eyebrow. When I went to school the next day I had noticed some people there with pretty big lobes. Most were around 8-6 gauge so nothing that big to me now. Well, I decided to look up on the subject and thats when I came across BME. As soon as the paged loaded I was greeted by a large picture of a 2 inch lobe, I was hooked on stretching from then on. I messed around looking at the stretched lobes gallery and set my mind on stretching to around 2 gauge, BUT NO LARGER.

I gathered all the jewelry I had at the house and crammed them into my tiny hole, stretching it to around a 12 gauge. My girlfriends birthday was coming up so I went shopping for a present, she was getting her navel done so I picked out some jewelry for it and found myself a tease ear-nail for about two bucks. I went shopping with my mom and shoved the nail in alone into my sore lobe, this hurt a bit but nothing major. So I got home and tried putting more jewelry in with the nail with no success. The next day I go to school and shove it in somehow and cause my ear to bleed for the first time, but no where near the last.

Several weeks later, I notice a kid named Jason at my school, he was putting several LARGE gauge CBR's in his lobes. This had to be one of the coolest things I had seen. They must have been around a 00 all together and it was just awesome. Realizing someone was stretching there ears larger than most people, I decided to go for a step higher. So that night I shove this tech-deck tool through my ear, I blow my ear out and have to cut the blown portion off. Well, I have some kid give me a piece of copper "taper" to wear for a bit, while I stretch to two gauge. My mom is disgusted by the dirty copper so she buys me my first CBR (6 gauge). So in the store I push it through and complain of its weight.

So I'm at 6 gauge and in my class this guy Jason Shillings is telling me how he's getting some 2 gauge clay talons from his friend Tony. So of course I want some too, but my ears were way too small. I go to the mall and buy a 2 gauge green acrylic plug and go home to put it in. Previously I had found a tint brush that has a big point for a handle. I figured I could put it in really quickly and stretch it fast. I go upstairs to the bathroom, wipe the "taper" off with an alcohol swab and proceed to push it through my ear, no luck. So I try twisting while I push and it rips through my lobe leaving me bloody, sore, but at a 2 gauge. I put the plug in and go to sleep. During the healing I had lots of blood, pus and swelling, but I figured that when I tore a new hole in myself. Reckless but I'm kinda like that. To clean it I'd dip hot watered down q-tip in sea salt and push it through the hole. Makes cleaning easy when the q-tip fit in your ear

The next week I go to Tony and ask him if I can get two 2 gauge clay talons, he says they'll be $20. Two days later I'm approached by Jason (kid with big lobes) and he says "are you Peter?" I say yeah, and he asks me what gauge and what color do I want the talons. I'm confused and ask him why, and he says he's the one who makes them, Tony's just a peddler for them. I tell him black and purple two gauge and he says it'll be $20 and hell have them in a week. YESSSSS, I'm gonna have some kick ass jewelry. So I get the jewelry and he gives me the talons AND some 0 gauge spikes for the hell of it.

So I'm at two gauge where I wanted to be, happy as fuck about it. BUT SOMETHING'S MISSING. I have one tapered lobe and the right ear is baron. I plead with my mom to get it pierced for me and she complies after about a month of begging and pleading. We go to Expo for my birthday present and they had moved 10 blocks down the street. We find the shop and walk in, I ask if they could pierce my right ear at a 10 gauge and the piercer says yeah. I pick out my jewelry and he comments on my clay talon :) I sit down in that all so familiar dentist chair and I asked the piercer "Jessie" if this will hurt more than a 8-2 gauge stretch, he said "stretching doesn't hurt at all, so a lot more." All of a sudden I start shaking in fear of the pain. He clamps my ear and tells me hell do it on the count of three. One, two and he pushes the needle though. IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL, I swear on anything that there was not pain not even a sting. So I recommend getting pierced at least a 10 gauge if not an 8 or a 6. The aftercare on this was the same as all of my piercings, I soaked it in sea salt and left it alone.

Well, about two weeks later (way before it healed) I wanted to stretch it to match the left ear. So I easily gauged it to an 8. I left it in for a week and I went back to my bathroom with the tint brush and bacitracin for lube. I breathed in and pushed and twisted as fast as I could do it and presto chango! I'm now at 2 gauge. This time it hurt bad, when I woke up it was bleeding on my pillow! I go to school that Monday and I go to in school suspension, my ears bloody and killing me. The day dragged along and I went home to go to sleep. I slept on my other ear beacause of the blood and when I woke up, my spike was out and my ear was bleeding and the hole closed up! I put the 8 gauge back in and wait a few weeks just to stretch it again. This time it didn't hurt at all and the aftercare was clean and simple, sea salt and leave it alone.

I have both my ears at 2 gauge and I get some new SSS eyelet's and I'm happy as I could ever be. Well, I had gotten a new girlfriend in the previous month, well call her HITLER. She forced me to take out my tunnels and get my tongue pierced. I'm pretty much a sap so I complied in fear of losing her (insert kicking my own ass here). So for the whole summer I had no ear piercings what so ever, the hole closed up nicely and didn't look any different from before I stretched them. So about 2 months after summer ended and school started, I got into a fight with my girlfriend. I went out and bought two 0 gauge acrylic CBR's. And that night I called her and stretched them on the phone and she dumped me. WHOOHOO! IM BACK IN THE GAME.

I have a had a new job at walgreens and they didn't approve of my big honking hoops so I went home and made some plugs. Mistakenly I made them about 7/16 with a tapered end and shoved them through my ear. DEAR GOD THIS WAS THE WORST PAIN I EVER FELT. Not only did it hurt, it kept hurting and hurting and hurting ALL NIGHT AT WORK. I was in so much pain my hands were shaking. See I stretched it and nothing tore so it was pure pressure on my tissue. My ear swelled up like a balloon and turned all red, it was so sick. Well, the swelling lasted about three weeks and then died down to normal. Then all of a sudden I wanted to stretch more, thats just like me I cant ever stop (you'll learn this further in the story).

So I go to the mall on the North side and look through all the piercing shops, none of them had anything larger than a 00. I go to hot topic and the first thing I find is spooled 1/2 inch flesh tunnels! YES, I found them. They were 36 dollars a piece but I bring them and some clothes to the counter and this girl rings me up and says "that'll come to 60 dollars" I'm like huh? The tunnels alone would be 74 with tax. She looks at the receipt and the tunnels wrung up at 14.99 each! WHOOHOO, apparently someone entered it wrong and I got them at half the original price. I go home and try to put them in. I could fit them in but when it stretched it swelled and my ear was too fat to fit in the lip of the plug. HMMMPH, I had to slowly stretch it out to 1/2 in, but HOW? Well, I'm looking through BME experiences on stretching and someone wrote about putting tape around it slowly every day. So put tape around my old plugs and proceed to stretch the hole over the weekend. On Sunday nig ht I put the plugs in easily and went to sleep content with my awesome job.

Hmmmmm what now? Well, I still had the need to stretch so using the tape I slowly and painlessly stretched my lobes till they reached the end of the lip! Which happened to be 5/8's. I got paid that week and went to expo and got some 5/8's flesh tunnels for 40 bucks. Hehe it just slid right in, I was so happy I didn't have to go through pain! So wow that was really quick, two weeks bye in a flash. I was still itching to have bigger lobes! So yet again I bust out the medical tape and slowly stretch my lobes to 3/4 in. I got paid soon after I was done and went and got myself an 8 gauge barbell and a set of 3/4 inch tunnels for $120 all together, it was a rip off but I didn't know better. I went home and popped in the 8 gauge and sat down in front of my computer and tried to put in the 3/4. THIS TIME THEY DIDN'T GO IN. I was angered so I put more tape around the old one and pushed them in, waited about 10 min the shoved the 3/4's in and they went with a struggle.

The ears were fine till about two weeks later at work I looked at my left ear and noticed it became purplish pink and dangerously thin. I went online and looked up everything, and it all pointed to me downsizing. BUT NO, I was stubborn and didn't. What I did do was leave it out when I slept and put it back in after I woke up. It went away but my ears were still too thin. I realized I was gonna have to downsize to save the left one. So I got another paycheck and left my plugs out for a day or two. I had then found out Mid Air AND Ink had a kick ass selection of tribal large gauge jewelry. I bought some 5/8 crushed sea shell plugs and put them in. I was sad and depressed but it was helping my ear. So I went and got some blown glass tunnels and was set for a month.

Well, at then end of the month I had grown tired and stretched them back to 3/4, then shrunk them down. I did this for the next month until I lost my 3/4 inch tunnel while playing on a jungle gym with my current girlfriend Jenifer. So I go back to Mid Air and look for some tunnels, they had ONE Pyrex 3/4 and thats all. So I notice they have a 7/8 Pyrex also so I buy a 3/4 and 7/8 Pyrex tunnel and gauge both ears up again! The left ear wouldn't go to 7/8 so I left it at 3/4 from then on till now.

About a month ago I was tugging on my tunnel (7/8) and it fell out and shattered on the ground! Knowing I had another 3/4, I wrapped it in black electrical tape and wore it at about 15/16 for a while. Now I just stretched my right ear again to about 1 1/8 in. Its kinda off balanced to have a 3/4 and a 1 1/8 but I've seen worse. I'm currently planning on doing a self scalpeling procedure to cut my left ear up to 1 inch due to the arrival of my new 1 inch water buffalo horn plugs :)

Well, thats my experience for you guys to read. But please don't take suit my reckless behavior has caused my ears to have blowouts, scarring and numerous amounts of pain and blood loss. So have fun and take it really slow you have your whole life to stretch so don't ruin it.



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