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Electro-Cautery Ear Lobe Enlargment (Becoming my true self)

My work takes me to a variety of places. Recently a business trip took me to Arizona. Mixing business with pleasure for the most part never causes a problem for "mainstream" society. My pleasure is different...My pleasure is modification.

I have hidden my modifications from my employer and had to overcome a lot of prejudice at the same time. One thing I have learned from this is that I will not change who I am and what I believe. Now I no longer hide...

I scheduled an extra day into this business trip in order to meet with Steve Haworth. I was apprehensive at first; not of Steve's skills but more so of his reputation. I have seen the work he has performed on many of the "hardcore" and am left with a feeling of awe.

Steve put me at ease as soon as I knocked on the door. He was on the phone but had a large smile on his face as he welcomed me into his world. I was given a tour of the machine shop, the suspension rig for Life Suspended, the office and the private studio located in his home.

Outside in the machine shop the guys were hard at work producing beautiful jewelry; including my new eyelets. The plan for the day was to take my ears from the existing 00ga eyelets to a much larger size. Custom eyelets that are wider than normal between the O-rings were made to accommodate the swelling that would occur. Two sets were made for the day one in 5/8" and the other in 3/4".

As the new pieces were polished and autoclaved, Steve realized that he was out of O-rings. We hopped in his truck and took off across town to one of the HTC studios to pick some up. The drive there was spent discussing everything from personal reasons for modification to the reaction of our society to those who are modified.

Upon arrival at the HTC studio I had the fortune to meet some of the people that work for Steve and we had a brief discussion of why I was in town. I was wished luck with smiles and knowing looks as we departed for home again. Only two more stops on the way back to the studio with the new O-rings.

Steve also took me to the Offices of the Church Of Body Modification. I had the fortune of meeting Becki as well as the crew from Fractal Creations. Again I was welcomed warmly and made to feel very at ease. Becki had some web-design work that had yet to be finished but we expected her to be home shortly to assist with the procedure. A quick stop at a 7-11 for a slurpee for Steve and we were back to where we started.

Becki was unable to come home right away due to a personal conflict but fortune smiled upon us as iam: Miss Cookie showed up to support me and take photos. With some food in my body and a few moments to prepare myself we set off for the studio to begin what Steve described as "The most painful thing you will ever experience".

Steve explained the entire procedure to me. An Electro-Cautery Laser would be used to remove some of the tissue in my ear lobe above the existing piercing. The unit would vaporize the tissue so it was incredibly important that I remain still. Steve would run the laser for approximately 3 seconds and then turn stop. The pain would stop at that point. The best description Steve was able to give me was that it would be some very intense pain followed by the pain going away completely. This process would have to be repeated multiple times in order to cut through the lobe and remove the tissue.

I understood the explanation given to me but I still had no idea what to expect. I sat in the chair as the grounding pad was attached to my left arm and connected to the machine. Some cotton was put into my ear to minimize the sound I would hear and I took some deep breaths in order to calm myself down. Steve ran the laser once quickly on my left ear and stopped. This was my one chance to back out; if he was to keep going and I changed my mind I would have some other serious issues to deal with in the way of nasty scar tissue etc.

I looked up at Steve from the chair and told him that it wasn't as bad as I had imagined and that I was ready to keep going. The process seemed to take forever. Deep breath in...the laser would start and I would exhale through the pain. I was trying my best to simply relax and let the work be done. Steve told me many times that if I needed a break just to say so. I kept breathing and he kept working. He would stop every once in a while to ask if I was doing okay. I felt fine but I think part of his reason for stopping to ask me questions was to give me a break that I needed but wouldn't admit to. As we reached the upper part of the ear lobe I could feel the heat and see the smoke rising in the air from my flesh being burned away. Those were the final few cuts on the left side. Steve placed one of the custom eyelets in my ear without much of a problem. Not too loose and not too snug either. A perfect 3/4" ear lobe! I took a look in the mirror and it was time for a break.

Cookie, Steve and I stood outside with a glass of water and looked up at the night sky. The desert air was crisp against the burning warmth of my ear. After a few glasses of ice water and a quick trip to the restroom we were back at it again.

The second ear seemed to go a bit faster. Short bursts of pain and then a chance to catch my breath. We took a few short breaks during this ear to allow me to catch my breath and calm down. Before I knew it the other 3/4" eyelet was in place. I felt dazed and exhausted. I got up and took a look in the full length mirror next to the door to the studio and could do nothing but smile. I felt as if I was flinching when my ears were getting worked on and Steve assured me that I was solid as a rock and that he was impressed with how still I really was.

About an hour later I looked in a mirror again and came to the realization that my ears were big. This was not something that I could hide if needed; this was my passage into a true life of body modification. I think Steve picked up on how I was feeling, he just shook his head with a large smile and when I asked him what he was thinking he told me that he was just amazed that only a few hours ago my ears were so much smaller. Neither of us could picture it as my new ears looked and took shape as if they were that way the entire time. Thanks to his help I have returned to how I was meant to be.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 April 2002
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Steve+Haworth
Studio: Private+Studio+%2F+HTC
Location: Phoenix%2C+AZ

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