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My torn stretchings lead me to tears

The first time I had ever heard about body modifications I was utterly fascinated with them and wanted to learn as much as I could-quite the opposite reaction from everyone else towards bod mods.  Piercings, tattoos, stretchings, suspension, neo-tribalism-all of it had me completely captive. After relentless talks with the closest and most understanding person to me-my sister, I decided I wanted to start stretching my lobes.  I'd seen lots of people with mods and I felt an over powering attraction/lust for them because of this.  I was so exited when I finally got my first pair of 14 gauge earrings, regardless of what my mother remarked about the grotesqueness of mods.  They were acrylic, circular barbells, which fit in with no problem at all. The bars were a dark blue and the beads were a bright yellow.  They were very cool because they glowed under a black light-too bad I'm not a raver because they really look killer at night.  After a month of saving money (acrylics are h ard to find and expensive where I live) and since my stretching was going so well, I went out and bought a pair of 12 gaugers.  Just to be a showoff I got earrings that the bars were yellow and the beads were blue-they too looked awesome under a black light.   

Another month had past and my stretchings were still going great and I was proud as hell because they looked so good.  I was about a week or so of having enough money to buy some 10 gauges since I was going slow and steady for stretching.  This time I was going to be a little more original and get some impressive neon green earrings. That's when it happened-I got into a fight with this little ignorant g-banger wannabe that didn't like the way I looked.  I kicked her ass (I'm not just saying that either because the girl did NOT know to throw a punch!) and thought I walked away with hardly more than a slightly bruised eye.  Man, was I ever wrong.  I hadn't noticed it right after the fight because my adrenaline was pumping and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But after a while I noticed my ear was starting to hurt like hell.   

I hadn't realized anything had been wrong with it until I pulled back my hair to fell it and I noticed the earring was gone and that my shirt was a little wet, but I thought that was from sweating.  It was hot out and my hair was longer so it was no surprise that I would be drenched in sweat.  Then I noticed what the main source of the wetness was-I was bleeding!  My friend turned and started freaking out that my ear was half ripped and I was bleeding all over myself.  The dumb bitch's finger must have caught my earring when she was attempting to do some damage to my face.  I was more worried about the fact that I might not be able to ever stretch my lobe due to the torn tissue.  My friend couldn't believe that I was more worried about that, than I was about the fact that I was bleeding. 

We drove to the hospital as fast as we could while I tried to control my bleeding-which was not an easy thing considering the fact all I had was my hands to apply pressure to my ear.  After we got to the hospital, the doctor cleaned my ear and put this antibiotic cream stuff on it that was also supposed to hold it together to help it heal or something, I don't know what it was exactly.   

After I we left the hospital I broke down in tears-I was so overcome by the thought that I could never modify that lobe through stretching again.  But before I could get to bent on crying myself an ocean my friend pointed out the fact that I somehow managed to miss-I could just wait for it to heal and get my ear repierced only on the other part of my lobe.  I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that, guess I just need to think more.

So after a month or so of healing, I went out and got my ear pierced and even decided to get another hole in the other ear-just to even things out. Now I am at an 8 gauge and other than the healed over rip in my one ear, my stretchings look great. Now only this time I've switched to flesh tubes in hopes of not getting them ripped from me. So much for my beautiful acrylics-oh well. I guess everything is a learning experience-good or bad, in this case, very bad. In three years though, I'll have unlimited access to whatever kinds of mods my perverse mind can create. I've got two tats designed and many, many more piercings planned.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 March 2002
in Ear Piercing

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