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My painful antitragus piercing

I am 'into' the whole body modification and piercing thing, and i felt like i would like a new ear piercing but i could deciede what to get pierced. I foudn the idea of getting my rook pierced quite appealing, so i went to my prefered studio (Tattoo 2000 -in rugby), and also arranged to meet a friend (sean) and his girlfriend (becky) there.

Sean was to get his inner ear conch done, and i still wasnt sure what to get pierced. I had rook in mind but still wasn't certain.... I had already told sean i wanted to be first in the piercing seat so I had to make my mind up, and fast!

I flicked through some body modification magazines then "the guy" (he has done all of my other piercings, and i still havent asked what his name is!)asked what i wanted done. Pre-piercing nerves were setting in and i started trembling slightly. I told him i would like my rook done, or possibly daith, and then he sat back and we spoke about which would be easier. He said both would be quite difficult for him to do, not impossible, but would take a lot of time as he would have to be very careful as he has large fingers and i have small delicate ears, and he would have to push the needle in slowly to avoid piercing right through my ear.

I fiddled with my ear a bit to choose which part i would prefer to get pierced and all of a sudden i had the most brilliant brain-wave everrrrr, and i thought "ooh, what about my anti-tragus". He pondered a bit and he said it shouldnt be too difficult to do. I chose a BCR/CBR (whichever u like to call it), as oppose to a barbel. Becky kindly gave me some form of lace type sugary thing that tasted like strawberries, and then the kind piercing bloke closed the screen, (i think he likes privacy when he does it, hes very proffesional and swears a lot too), and i lay back on the seat. He told me to put my head to one side, and so i did.

He prepared the needle (sterile i must mention!), and the ring, and then i held on to the seat and clenched all my muscles, whilst biting on the sugary sweetie thing. As i felt the needle pierce the flesh, i went rigid and tense and asked him when it will be through. It already was! He left the sheath in and then got my chosen ring ready. He put in the ring and it didnt hurt, then put in the ball and it was done!!

I went and looked in the mirror and it looked awesome. My mum handed over the money and it was done, it was bleeding quite a bit and hurt quite a lot but it was over. He handed me some kitchen towel to soak the blood up and i dabbed it gently, it was very very sore.

He asked me if i was feeling okay, as i had gone a bit pale, and i was feeling fine, maybe a bit faint, and certaintly shakey, so i sat down and had a chat with Becky while Sean went in to get his inner-ear conch piercing. He told the guy what he wanted done, and the guy asked him to mark up his own ear or get moi to do it for him. So sean did it himself and asked my advice to see if i think its okay and it was fine, so then he went ahead and chose the jewellry. He had a choice between a rather massive looking ring, as far as i can remember it was about an inch in diameter, and the other choice was a pretty long barbel. He chose the barbel, and went ahead to get pierced. ''the guy'' closed the screen and Becky and I sat down and listened to sean's "Ouches".

Sean came out and paid and we were all sorted. The guy asked me if i was fine and i was feeling great, and he asked if it was still bleeding. It still was a bit, but not too much though. He told me that the cleaning process is the same for my other piercings, the salt water bathing thing, and me and the other guys went home, with wicked new piercings!!

I had it pierced on wednesday night, and at the time of writing this, it is friday night and it is still pretty sore.

I think it is about my most painful piercing so far, but when it heals it will be one of my favourite piercings so far.

It is pretty swollen and scabby, but i clean it as much as possible. Earlier today at school, somebody pushed a load of people and i got pushed into a girls ring binder and it hurt so mucht hat i actually cried, which is very unlike me!! It bled loads and squirted some discharge, and i rinsed it in the girls toilets. It is extremely large/sore/and red but should be fine in a few days.

That was my experience getting my anti-tragus piercing, and i dont regret it at all. And anybody reading this who lives in or near rugby, in warwickshire, i reccomend Tattoo 2000 for your piercing and tattooing needs!!!!!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Dec. 2001
in Anti-Tragus Piercing

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Studio: Tattoo+2000
Location: Warwickshire, Midlands, England, UK

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