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i love my daith and forward helix

i had gotten my tragus done back in the summer before school started, and i absolutely loved it. i had the little nub next to my ear pierced with a gun, a big mistake over all, but it healed just fine. that experience lead me to want to add to my total of 10 ear piercings to make it a total of 13..a rook, daith, and helix being the next to be done. so, as always, i got my ass to bme and did some research, read the stories, blah blah blah. then, i came across the people section and decided to give it a look. there was Derek Lowe. i passed over him a few times before getting really bored, then i read his schpeel about piercing and what not. i was absolutely blown away by him. and to think, he pierces in cleveland, a half hour drive from me! i knew that i had to have HIM pierce my daith, rook and helix, it had to be him. so i convinced my mom to take me to body work productions...... The first time i went, everyone was incredibly friendly and nice and willing to answer questions. little did i know that you had to be 16 or older to be worked on. so, very politely, Derek himself told me that i could come back the day i turned 16. and i did...well, not the DAY i turned 16, the wednesday after... i had just had my drum lesson and gotten something to eat. my friend monika came over as my support, and off we went to BWP for my 7 o clock appointment. The girl who took my call told me to get there about 10 minutes early so i could pick out my jewlery. not a problem. we arrived at the already familiar studio and got our papers in order. the girl behind the counter, i believe her name was Molly, was extremely friendly and knowlageable. she explained what a helix and a daith (which is what i was having done on this occasion) could be fitted with, all the gauges, metal types, ect. she also informed me of the sea salt, which i picked up even before i got the piercings done. with all my papers in order, here came Derek. I was slightly nervous, but i was extremely excited. all 4 of us my mom (law requires a parent to be in the room if your under 18), monika, Derek and I all went into the cosy little room where Derek liked to do his work. Man, was it ever sterile. Probably cleaner than my doctor's office will ever be. i sat down on the papered table, and Derek started talking. He was soo incredibly nice. From doping my research, the topic of suspension came up. My mom had also read his schpeel on BME and was quite interested and wanted to see his scars/wounds being a medical professional. He kindly showed his marks to us and explained the process and why he does it. he was so patient with our questions. genuinely cool. after talking and prepping his materials, which by the way he explained so well and clearly that it made my head spin. After he touched anything, he changed his gloves. he must have changed his gloves in the upwards of 10-15 times. that impressed my mom a whole hell of a lot. and when he gave me the clip to clip my hair up, it was in an autoclave bag...i laughed. i was amazed. he marked both my daith and helix, and i trusted him fully. the only one that was a little difficult was the helix. i couldnt imagine it, but i trusted him, and by now, i was calm and i wanted to get pierced. Derek turned out the lights, and turned on the lamp that was next to the table. i laid down on my back, and Derek positioned my head so that he could see inside my ear for the daith. he sterilized my ear once more before proceding. he told me to breathe..which i had already begun on my own, to keep me calm and to give me something to concentrate on. i did this, and my body calmed, even though my heart was beating 100 miles an hour. he set the recieving tube and told me to give him a nice deep breath in, and then to exhale thru my mouth. i did that twice. the third time he postioned the needle on my inhale and pushed it thru on my exhale. it hurt, lots of pressure. no popping sound tho, so that was good. he got in my jewelry,a curved barbell, and i laid there for just a second before sitting up. i felt great. not a lot of pain at all. i was suprised. he prepped for my forward helix, and made sure i liked the positioning. i assured him once more that it was great. he had me lay back down once more. i inhaled and exhaled 2 times, then on the third time the needle went in. ouch. definately felt this one. it wasnt a lot of pressure like the daith. it was the sharp feel of the needle going thru. but as soon as the pain started it was over. he inserted my circualr barbell and it was over. i sat there for a little bit, then he got me some mirrors so i could see my new trinkets. they were lovely. the daith was beautiful, very descreet, and i love it. the helix was obviously more pronounced, and i loved the way it looked with the circualr barbell. after talking to me about aftercare (extremely well i might add), we got our things and got to the register. Derek had pictures of his suspensions and i looked at those while my mom paid. Hes a genuinely kind and patient preson. his personality is one in a million. i would highly reccommend him to anyone looking to have a modification done. i walked out of Body Work Productions an extremly satisfied customer. my mom was really really impressed with the studio, and whenever i have any other piercing done, she told me that BWP is where i have to go. 4 days later, following a regimine of vitamens, soft soap cleaning in the morning, and sea salt soaks in the evening, my piercings are happy. im happy. everyones happy. if you have any questions, feel free to e mail me anytime, and ill be glad to get back to you. happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Feb. 2001
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Derek+Lowe
Studio: Body+Work+Productions
Location: Cleveland%2C+Ohio

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