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My industrial peircing...finally

my last body mod (self pierced tragus) I decided that i was completely done. Of course, I thought that after my septum too. I don't listen to myself all that well. I've wanted an industrial for about 5 years now, but after reading experiences on BME, and talking to people, I decided to be the baby that I am, and not do it. However, I got really brave and finally went through with it. I have really small ears and this was a concern, so I went in to the studio before the big day to get them to look at it and make sure it was a "go" before I got my hopes up. They decided that it could be done, so I went home to work up the nerve for a few days, and prepare myself. The next few days were nerveracking. I'd look at my ear, and think really hard to myself...wondering if I could go through with it. Finally the big day got here and I was on my way to be punctured. The studio isn't that far from my house but it felt like a really long drive. My boifriend was with me, as he was going to get his nipples done the same day (his first mod). We got there, and got all of the forms filled out and went into the piercing room. I made my boi go first (since I'm a baby). He did just fine by the way.

So then it was my turn. By now I was shaking pretty bad (a combination of fear and the fact that it was pretty cold in there). I got up in the chair and started stalling. I asked Dave about gauges and procedures and pain, and we talked about suspension and all of his work, anything to put off the actual procedure. I asked him if it would hurt worse than my septum and he said "Yes, but it's nothing you can't handle". I felt a little better at that time, since the guy who did my septum said I take pain well. So, he got me all marked and ready and he made fun of my "elf-like" ears.

He said that he would count to 3, and for me to breath in on 1 and out on 3. This really does help!! I was amazed. The first hole wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. It felt more like a pinch than anything. My fear really set in at this point, because in every experience I've read about industrials, the second hole is considered the worst. But remarkably it hurt less than the first one, I don't know if that was due to relief or the fact that my ear was rather numb from the pain at that point. He inserted the jewelry and started to clean up all of the blood. Since he pierced it with a larger gauge than the jewelry, it bled quite a bit. I expected that though, so I remained calm. After I was all done, I stared at it in the mirror for a few minutes (waiting for the woozy feeling to go away). I thanked him, tipped him, and I was on my way. Sleeping is a pain in the butt, I didn't realize how much I sleep on the left side until now, since I can't do it. It isn't sore at all. I've bumped it a few times, but it is still doing fine. The only bad thing is, when I get a headache, all of the pain seems to be right there, since the throbbing makes it hurt, hehe, but that may just be me :) At this point, it is day number 4, and it looks great. It bleeds a bit when I clean it, but seeing as it was pierced at a larger gauge than the jewelry, I don't view it as a bad thing. I have a few pieces of advice for everyone that reads this, not just based on my experience here, but based on all of my experiences in the past. Always talk to your piercer for a few minutes beforehand and ask questions. It will relax you, and let them know that you are really into the procedure. Make sure that the area is clean and that you see an autoclave (very very important). Watch the piercer remove the needle from the package, so you know its new, and watch them throw it away. These things will help ease your fears..and ensure that you are getting "safely pierced". I'll stop rambling now...if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me, I promise to write back :) ~:joDi:~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2000
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dave
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