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Tragus and Helix Piercing

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I got my first lobe piercing when I was 5. Then my second when I was 12. Since then I added another piercing to my ears every year, I am now 18. Every time my mom would say " This is the last time and don't show your father".

By the time I turned 18 i had 4 lobe in the left, 3 lobe in the right, 4 cartilage in both the left and right ears. Since I am now old enough to go without parent permission I went looking for a body piercer in my area ( Boston area). All of the places I found but 2 didn't sound to clean. Out of the 2 one you needed to make appointments and couldn't go in and see the place first and just sounded like a big hassel. I decided to go to the one that was clean and closest to me, which happend to be The Body Xtreme.

Ok, I found the place but theres one problem, I come home with something pierced on my face I'd listen to alot of nagging from my parents, so I decided to stick with my ears until I move out in 2 months ( then im getting my eyebrow pierced :) ).

So me and my friend went to the Body Xtreme, my friend had been there 3 days before with another friend and told me I was going to love the guy when I got there. She was right, he is so cool ( His names Mic). This guy has what seems to be, and probably is, everything pierced and tattooed.

Anyway, while he was piercing some other girl I decided on getting my tragus pierced and filled out a form, giving my I.D. to the girl at the register who gave me directions on how to clean the piercing and had me select what ring and ball I wanted for my piercing. I choose a purple ring with a blue/white swirl ball.

I was a little nervous and didn't want to show it cause my friend was there so we sat down and waited and talked about other stuff. When it was my turn Mic took us, she wanted to watch, to the back room and had me sit in a dentist style chair. He explained to me about the piercing and had all the materials he needed layed out on a tray, in packages ( which btw, he washed his hands and put 2 layers of gloves on.).

Before I went to get pierced I had come to BME and read the stories of all the ear piercings and saw the pictures and tried to prepare myself ahead of time what it would feel like.

When he was ready, he put a paper towel on my shoulder, marked a spot and asked me if I liked where it was marked. I said yea and he said good cause I didn't have much choice that was where he was doing it.

He didn;t clamp my ear, like i thought he would. What he did was stand next to me, have me look at my friend and told me I would hear a snap and crinkle noise like paper was being pushed into my ear. Another guy that works there was also in the room and watching what Mic did. I heard a russeling noise and looked at my friend. The other guy that worked their told me that the needle in my ear made me look tough, It had been pierced already and i didnt even know ! I thought he was still cleaning my ear. By that time Mic moved aside and the other guy put the ring in, cleaned it and explained to me about caring for it and if there was any problems to call them.

That was in the first week of March, after 3 weeks of having little problems, just the occasional soreness, I decided to go back and get my helix pierced.

So 3 days later me and 2 friends went back to Body Xtreme and went threw the forms and such quickly, and waited. I was the last piercing of the day and the guy that cleaned my tragus, was doing the Helix. They told me the part of the Helix I wanted could be done, but would eventually rip out. I had been set on having that certain spot pierced. The guy called Mic in and they both talked about what I could do, saying that I could have it done, but it would eventually rip out. They were really great, the pierced as close as they could to what i wanted at an angle, so it fell how i wanted it to ( btw this ring is aqua with a purple ball). This piercing hurt a little bit more then my tragus, I think it also bleed more. Either way it was over with quickly and I was kind of disappointed that it didnt hurt as much, cause i like the adrenaline rush !

Now I am trying to decide what piercing I want for my last ear piercing. Its gonna be either an industrial or daith. Also I will hopefully have pics. Oh and my dad still doesnt know i have all these holes in my ears :) .

This is a great site !

~ Kerri onyxblood@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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