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Second times the charm - Rook piercing

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I had been dating a guy that hated piercings, and out of respect, I did not get any piercings during the 9 months we were dating. He never asked me to take mine out, but he would have freaked if I got any others. Recently, we broke up due to his immaturity, and I decided why not get that cartilage piercing that I had wanted... I was deciding between a normal upper cart, or a rook, and decided on the rook, since I've only seen a few people with it. After getting my paycheck the day before, I told my sister that I wanted to go and get another ear piercing, and since she's so impulsive, she had to go right after school, but I decided I wanted to go home and change first. After we were both done with our classes (we go to the same community college, and we carpool together) we went home, I changed and then we left for the piercing shop. We went to Nothing Shocking in Fullerton, where I'd been pierced before and had my lobes stretched. My sister also had her navel pierced there twice.

Upon getting there, I told the girl behind the counter what I wanted, a rook, and I picked out a 16 gauge CBR, which I believe is 3/16, but I'm not sure, I know its a pretty small diameter. Tim, the owner and my piercer called me back, I was nervous, as usual, but he reassured me. I looked at the tray with the piercing supplies, and saw the needle, then looked away, I do this every time I'm pierced... I hate needles. The pierce was pretty painless... a lot less painful than I expected. I looked in the mirror, it looked good, even though I thought the ring looked a little big for some reason... I tipped Tim, then left. Oh, you thought this was the end? This is only the beginning.

My sister, who was on the prowl for a jeweled barbell with "a light blue jewel", made us go another local shop before we could go home. My hair was pulled back, so my ear was exposed, at another shop, the girl behind the counter took a close look at my ear and proclaimed the piercing was way too shallow, and it was gonna rip out. I said, "I dunno, I'll take a closer look when I get home." This woman who had just proclaimed my piercing was all wrong, was trying ON the jewelry in her navel to show my sister how the different barbells would look. Sick. By this time, the painless piercing was starting to hurt, like a burning feeling in my ear. We left and I went home to take a closer look. She was right, the piercing merely nicked the skin, and didn't even really get the cartilage, I could see the ring through my skin. I called Nothing Shocking, and told them my problem, they said I could come on back and they'd take it out for me. We quickly drove back, since they were about to close, and Tim removed the ring, and told me to come back in a few days and he'd repierce it. This was Monday, so I decided that Friday would be a good day, and this would give my wound some time to heal.

Friday rolls around, and after work, I drive to the shop, but Tim had already left, I was told to come back tomorrow before 5pm. Saturday, I come back around 1pm, and Tim isn't going to be in until 5pm. Argh. Luckily the one of the other piercers saw my face, and offered to repierce me. They were busy, so I sat on their couch waiting my turn... another girl was getting her tongue done,and two other girls were waiting to get pierced. I chatted with the girls and the lady waiting for her niece to finish her tongue piercing. I told the one of the girls who had just gotten a gunned cart piercing not to touch it with dirty hands, (she was turning it constantly) because that's the main cause of infection... she seemed surprised. :)

Finally, my rook was ready to get pierced. The piercer did my navel about a year ago, I trusted him to do my rook. We started talking about how it didn't hurt before, and he said, "yes, this is going to hurt more than the first time." I said, "If I can get my nipples done, I can do this." He agreed. We started talking about Paul Frank, since he was wearing a Paul Frank shirt. All this put me at ease when he started piercing me. He explained that it would be farther back and the top hole would by higher up since it was too close before. He bent the needle (ack!) and did it freehand, since my rook is so small, it cannot be clamped. While he was inserting the needle, I kept talking, and he said I was taking this really well. (I felt proud :). It took awhile to get that bend through, but when it was done, the rook looked great. :) I thanked him, and went on my way.

The first two days I woke up with my ear covered in blood. The blood was caked in the crevices of my ear, so it took me about 10 minutes to get most of it out. After those first few days, the pain lessened and now I'm able to turn the ring when its lubed and it only crusty, and it bends to the side when I sleep on it so sleeping isn't too painful.

I clean it about 2 or 3 times daily with bactine on Q-tips. Anti-bacterial soap if I take baths. I know some people don't recommend bactine, but for my ears, its worked a lot better than anti-bacterial soap or ear care solution. So, finally, this is the end of my story, I thank anyone for reading to the bottom. Questions, comments and friendly email can be sent to Redshift17@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Ear Piercing

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