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New Zealand Tragus Piercing

I had wanted to get my tragus pierced for ages, like three years or so. And just over two weeks ago (Friday October 9, 1998), I had the perfect opportunity.

I was in Hamilton (a city close to the small town where I live), and I'd just been ten-pin bowling with my then-boyfriend. On the way to ten-pin, I noticed a piercing place... so while I was at bowling I was thinking about it. On the way back into the city, we got the taxi driver (who smelled of curry, lol) to drop us off opposite the piercing/tattoo store.

We walked in and asked the guy (don't know his name) quite a few questions, as at that point in time I hadn't discovered BME (which, by the way, is by far the best piercing page on the web). So, as you can imagine, I was pretty uninformed apart from his answers to my questions.

He said it would be $10, which is cheap, but his shop looked clean and tidy so I thought "what the heck".

He took me and my boyfriend into the back room, got out all the equipment, I checked everything was sterilised and he wore gloves and all. Then, he got out the gun. I realise now that guns are pretty uncommon for traguses, but hey I didn't know that then. I was just totally afraid of the gun (I'd had my lobes and cartilage done before with a gun and it hurt).

Eventually he'd cleaned my ear and all, and I was sitting there bracing myself, when ping it was all done. I had a look in the mirror, loved what I saw, and promptly paid for it and walked out.

When I got home, I went on the 'net, and one of my 'net friends was asking me about aftercare, which made me realise he hadn't given me any special cleaning stuff for it. So she suggested I look at the BME page, and she also suggested I use salt water.

So since then I've been using salt water on it, twice daily, and it's been healing fine. I went back there about 5 days ago (to get my tongue and belly button done), and he said it looks really good, but I should still wait a few more weeks before I change the earring. So I've decided I'll change my tongue barbell and tragus earring on the same day.

I'm only 16 (well, 17 now - 23.02.99), so I still live at home. I'd been freaking out about what my parents might say about it, but they were pretty cool about it, Mum just re-assured me she still loves me (awww) and Dad was wondering why the hell I did it (hehe).

So, yeah. If you're wondering about getting a tragus, I'd say go for it, they look great and mine didn't hurt a bit.

  • Elly

New Zealand Tongue Piercing

One day in October 1998, my friend Fiona and I were in the city to get a poster from a music store. We had ages to go before we wanted to come home, so we were shopping, and I had an idea. I thought I should go into the piercing place where I got my tragus done a couple of weeks before that, and get my navel and tongue pierced. I'd wanted them done for ages, but had always been discouraged because Fiona had her tongue done and it would have looked like I copied.

She assured me she didn't mind if I had one, that it could even be cool because we'd both have them... kinda like a bonding thing.

We went to the shop and asked him a lot of questions. He answered them all well, and I decided to do it. He told us to go back in 45 minutes because he would be busy until then, so we headed off to the bank.

Then Fiona told me to eat a lot before getting it done, as she couldn't eat real food for about 5 days after her one. So we went to McDonald's, I wasn't even hungry but she urged me to eat so I had a big meal.

Just a point of interest - it was really good having her there with me, she knew exactly what I was going through and gave me advice and helped me out... if you are thinking of getting yours done, and have a friend who's already got it, get them to go with you!

So anyways, we headed off to the piercer. He got everything ready, I picked out a ring for my belly. I took a while to decide which to get done first, I think it ended up being a mutual agreement to do the tongue first, which I'm glad about.

He sat me down in the chair, put a paper towel over my shirt, marked my tongue, clamped it and put the needle through. I was so surprised - it didn't hurt a bit! All I felt was the initial prick of the needle, and a little pressure. He then got Fiona to hold the clamps while he was getting the barbell ready to go through, and I heard her say "Oh, my God!". I was like, "what, what?!" thinking it was pissing out blood everywhere, but she assured me it was just my drool.

And man, what a lot of drool!

He told me to put my tongue back in my mouth - what a mission! I hadn't been expecting it to be so long, and it wouldn't go back in, he ended up pushing it in for me :)

I have had no trouble with the piercing, it's been in for about 3 months now. I had a lisp for the first 5 days, I managed to eat KFC on the Saturday night (I got it done on Thursday). Up until then I'd been having custard, mashed banana and baby food.

If you're thinking of doing it, go for it! It honestly does NOT hurt! And it looks so wicked... man, I love it.

  • Elly

New Zealand Navel Piercing

One day in October 1998, my friend Fiona and I were in the city to get a poster from a music store. We had ages to go before we wanted to come home, so we were shopping, and I had an idea. I thought I should go into the piercing place where I got my tragus done a couple of weeks before that, and get my navel and tongue pierced.

We went to the shop and asked him a lot of questions. He answered them all well, and I decided to do it. He told us to go back in 45 minutes because he would be busy until then, so we headed off to the bank.

We then headed to McDonald's to get a big feed before my tongue was all swollen :)

So anyways, we headed off to the piercer. He got everything ready, I picked out a ring for my belly. I'm pretty sure it's 14g, and it's got a double ball thing to hook it all together. It looks soooo cool.

After my tongue was done, he got me to like, slant myself back in the chair so my tummy was flat. He then marked the spot, put the clamps on, and pushed the needle through...

OUCH! It hurt! It hurt soooo bad... I was totally grimacing the whole time, it was a zillion times more painful than my tongue and tragus put together!

After he'd put the ring in, I stood up to pay and leave, and he gave me some antiseptic stuff to put on my navel. By then it was all hot and red around the piercing, and walking down the street was a new experience, because the ring was moving around a bit. I kept stopping and lifting up my shirt to look at it, hehe.

When we got to the van, ready to go to ten pin, my tongue had swollen up heaps (we got some ice for it), and my belly was really, really sore. When I sat down to drive off, the seatbelt was rubbing against it, and it hurt for me to lean forwards.

Needless to say, I couldn't lean forward for a few days, and my belly was really tender.

It still hasn't healed properly, I've only had it done for 3 months though, so I'll wait and see if it gets any better.

If you're thinking of getting your belly pierced, be prepared for the pain! (Well, mine hurt, maybe yours won't, but be prepared anyways!)

  • Elly

New Zealand Multi Navel Piercing

Around Christmas time last year (1998), I'd been wanting to get a second hole through my tongue for some time. I was all set to do it, but didn't have enough money. By the time I did, it was December 23, and I didn't want to not be able to eat or talk around all my relatives.

So I decided to go for a triple navel instead.

I've had one in there since October, so this process would mean adding one either side of it. I was hoping to get them so it was like a little triangle - one up the top, one each side of the navel, but Ian (my piercer - I finally found out his name!) said my navel wasn't a very good shape for that. So we ended up going for three on the top rim.

He took out my banana barbell which had been in the original hole - a jewelled one, light blue, it was really pretty - and cleaned the area. He marked two spots, checked with me that they were okay, checked with my friend Cara that they looked pretty even, and then clamped up the one on my right hand side.

I had almost forgotten just how much pain is involved with a navel piercing - well, for me anyways! - but as soon as that needle started to go through I remembered again straight away! I grabbed Cara's hand and squeezed it really hard...

After that one was done, he got ready to do the next one. Once again, clamped up the one on my left, started pushing the needle through, and Cara's hand got another round of torture.

When he'd finished, he put my banana barbell back through the middle one, and they looked so, amazingly cool that all the pain didn't seem to matter. However, as soon as I got up I started to feel faint, probably because the air conditioning in there was broken and it was really hot. I quickly paid and went next door to get a Powerade, and went through the agony of not being able to sit down once again.

Since then I've got Ian to change the barbell back to the original ring, to try and make it heal quicker. They're all still pussing and quite red around them, but I'm really slack on the old aftercare, so it's probably all my fault. I went swimming in the sea a couple of days after I got the new ones done, and they looked pretty healthy, so salt water is a definite plus.

I'm really glad I got those done, it looks really cool and as soon as they've all healed I'm going to put the blue jewelled banana barbell back in the middle hole, and put two tiny banana barbells on the side two. It should look wicked!

  • Elly

New Zealand Double Tongue Piercing

Just a couple of weeks ago, on the 22nd January 1999, I got my 13th piercing - it was my tongue pierced again.

I'd been wanting it for about two months by then, however the original reason I went into the store was to get my daith pierced (see other story about that)... but, when that didn't work out I decided now was the time to get my tongue done again.

Ian (my piercer) and I had talked about this before, many times, and decided it would be best to get it done behind my first hole - otherwise you'd be able to see it when I talked, and that's not a good thing here in New Zealand when you're trying to find work!

There wasn't much room behind my first one, but he decided there'd be just enough. I'd taken along Cara, Aaron and my then-boyfriend Dave, but only Cara and Aaron watched.

Ian took out my first piercing, marked a spot behind it, clamped my tongue (I'm sure the clamp didn't hurt as much the first time, maybe they hurt more because this one was further back?), and got the needle ready...

By then I was drooling heaps already, it landed all over my shorts somehow which was pretty gross, and Ian was saying how I always drool heaps when I'm getting my tongue pierced. Cara drooled hardly any when she got hers pierced on New Years Day, it's not fair!

Hehe. So yeah... after the needle was through, Cara got to hold the clamps, and he slid the barbell through and screwed on the ball. Then he made me keep my tongue out, so he could put the first barbell back through my tongue.

I was so happy! I looked in the mirror, it looked great - since then I've noticed that the back one isn't in the middle of my tongue, it's kinda to the side, but that's ok because otherwise they'd be really squashed. I'm trying to find some small barbells or balls at the moment to try and make them a little less obvious.

Eating was fine - we'd planned to go to my Nana's house for dinner that night, so we went, I managed to eat everything on my plate, have seconds, and dessert! So that was pretty much sorted...

I probably didn't rinse with Listerine as much as I should've, but that's ok, no harm done as far as I can tell. This is by far the grooviest piercing I've had done... it just makes that oh-so-passe tongue piercing a little more interesting =)

  • Elly

New Zealand Deep Daith Piercing Disaster

A couple of weeks ago - on the 22nd January 1999 - I once again visited the piercing store to see if he'd be able to do a deep daith for me.

I took in a picture off BME, and he decided he should be able to do it. He'd never done it before, but that didn't phase me, as my friend Cara had taken in a picture of a double rook a couple days earlier and although it was his first rook, it turned out fine...

I was so nervous - Cara had been in so much pain with her rook, and the daith "fibre" if you will is almost as hard as the rook stuff - so I was expecting the worst...

He studied the picture, then studied my ear. He took a while to decide whether to pierce it with a 14g or a 16g needle, saying the earring would be easier to get through with a 14g but it would hurt a helluva lot more. He ended up deciding on the 16g. He cleaned my ear, I'm not sure if he marked spots but I guess he would have, and before I knew it the needle was going through my ear.

It took a long time for it to get through, but it didn't really hurt. However, after the needle was through, it started to ache. Really, really bad aching. And then when he tried to put the earring through... it was too much to handle, really. It hurt sooooo bad, I was totally squeezing Cara's hand (when she pulled it away it was bright red and white because I'd been squeezing so hard).

Getting the earring in was taking forever. We finally decided to give up, by then my ear was pissing out blood, the area was bright red and really hot, I was shaking and dizzy. (It was after that that I decided to get a second tongue done instead :)...

We talked about it afterward, and he said he will be able to get hold of a special type of needle thing that will let him get the ring through easily... so next time I'm over there, I'll call in and get it done then...

I can still feel where the needle went through in my ear, and it's a little tender, so I hope next time he tries it'll turn out better!

  • Elly


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