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Another hole in My Head!!

y family and I were Christmas shopping in Lindsay, Ontario. We had split up for a while in a mall. I walked into "Ardenes" to get a present for my sister and immediately saw a bright pink neon sign. Can you guess what that sign said? Yep, "EAR PIERCING" I already had my ears pierced, but had wanted a second hole near the top of my left ear for a long time.

 I went to the girl at the cash and asked if she was the one who did

the ear piercing. She said she was and said she could do it right then. I was all ready to go when she said, "Oh, ya, how old are you?" I didn't know how old you had to be, so I just gave my true age, 15.

"Oh", she said, "You have to be 16 or have a parent."

"DAM" I thought, "One year short!" So I walked around the mall til I found my dad and asked him about it. He said no. So I was like "Okay" and went to find my mom. I told her I could have done it by myself but wanted to make sure it was okay with her first. (Ha, ya right!) So my mom singed the papers and I sat on the chair. There was a lot of people in the store and I had a BIG audience.

First, the girl rubbed alcohol my ear and then marked it with a pen and asked me if that spot was okay. I said I was fine and she Pierced it. I didn't hurt at all. That experience was pretty good, the only things are: I think she should have put more alcohol on it after she had marked it with a pen. And she maybe should have told us about the stuff you are suppose to put on your ear to help it heal. (My mom had to ask for it.) Altogether the pierce cost, $9.00. I was very happy with the little diamond (not real) in the top of my ear. (My dad was not so happy) After I was all done, I watched 3 guys get theirs done, and there was a line up. (Look what I started!) I wanted to show all my friends right away, but had 2 weeks of christmas holidays to go through. It was all good though, cause The 2nd day I had it, I twisted it WAY too much, and on the third day it hurt like a bugger!
That was the only pain, other than when someone hits it. I showed some of my friends during Christmas, and all of my friends on the first day back.

The healing period said 4-6 weeks, but It has only been 2 and a half weeks and I have taken it out to clean it twice.

I was kinda worried, cause my neighbour, Jackie, had gotten her's done and had to take it out cause it got infected and now she has this black spot on her ear. But it has been 2 and a half weeks, and so far so good. My dad is beginning to get use to it and I think in a few more weeks, he will be ready to start excepting a tongue ring. I have wanted one of those since I was 12, I heard that they don't hurt a lot.

I'm thinking of piercing my tongue very soon. If I do get it done, I will be the second person in my whole school to get one. I've got It all planned out, I'll (quietly) stock up on baby food, and buy some of that stuff that you put on baby's teeth when they are teething. I'll put it on my tongue, and use a pin. I already ordered a barbell from some one off the internet, and as soon as it comes, I am set. There is no where to get it done around here, so I was going to do it myself. But don't worry, I am doing a lot of research and I won't stick anything in my tongue, until I find out that it's good and safe!

If you are thinking of getting any part of your body pierced, I say "Go 4 It!" Express yourself! Have FUN!! :)


If any one want's to email me for any reason, here it is: Shawnana@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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