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Self Done Industrial Experience

had wanted an industrial piercing for quite a while, long before found out the actual name for the piercing on BME. I already had my tongue pierced, and was looking to get other piercings in the future, but I was totally broke at the moment.

While sitting at the computer looking at pictures of Industrials on BME, and reading the stories, I didn't think I could go though with it in a piercing shop. Sure, I had had my ears pierced before, but I wasn't too sure about a 14 gauge hollowpoint needle cutting a chunk of flesh from my cartilage. I decided I would poke an earring through like I had with my other ear piercings.

I had done my cartilage in my left ear about two years prior, with little trouble at all. I successfully stretched it to a 10 gauge CBR, which I still wear today. I was sure the industrial would go fine.

I got up from the computer, went into the bathroom, got a starter earring stud, and sat down at the computer desk with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I cleaned the earring and the back completely, and left it in the alcohol to soak. I went to the bathroom and got a mirror and marking pen and sat back down at the desk.

I marked my where I wanted the first hole to go, close to the side of my head, all the way around the curve of my ear. I started to poke the earring through the outside first. I felt a burning sensation as the first layer of skin popped. Woah, that was fairly painless, I thought. I let the earring sit part way in my ear, waiting for it to cool down, and dabbed some more rubbing alcohol on it with a q-tip.

About five minutes later, I grabbed the earring and pushed again, listening to it crunch through the cartilage. It was to the last layer of skin, so I decided to let it sit for a bit longer so it would cool down. I felt the back of my ear and realized it was going parallel THROUGH my ear, rather than perpendicular. Frustrated, I ripped the earring out, cleaned my ear, and the earring again.

I poked a few more times, trying to get the position correct with little success. I then realized it would be best to start form the inside of the curve of my ear. With my left hands pointerfinger and thumb cupping the outside of my ear, and my right hand gripping the earring, I positioned it straight and pushed. Once again, the pop, then crunch of the cartilage. I waited for a few minutes to go through the last layer.

I started to push again, not succeeding at getting through. The skin was stretched to the point of the earring, but it just wouldn't push through. I dabbed some more rubbing alcohol on it, and laid down on the floor of the computer room to relax. While still laying on the floor, I put my hands in the same position as before and breathed in and out to relax my body. Still breathing, I pushed the stud as hard as I could, and POP!

It was though. I removed the earring back from the alcohol and attached to the earring. I grabbed the alcohol and went to stand in front of the bathroom mirror to admire my new piercing.

I decided to wait a while to do the next, then connect them with the barbell after they were healed. However, I couldn't wait. The next day I was at my friends house, bored out of my mind. I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror doing my makeup, and decided to finish my industrial. I took another earring out of my ear, cleaned it completely as I had done with the other one.

I took the barbell out of my tongue and used it as a guide to make as straight line as to where the other piercing would go. I marked the spot and cleaned the area I was going to be piercing. I went from the inside first this time. It went through the first layer fine, then I pushed as hard as I could, this time not forgetting to breathe, and it popped right through. It was in the perfect place. I cleaned both of my piercings and went to show my friend.

It has been about two weeks since I did my industrial. They are healing very well. I have yet to put the barbell in, but I will probably buying one tomorrow when I go get my monroe (madonna) done. This piercing was surprisingly painless to me... I'll have to wait to see about the monroe!

Holly Peterson, SoulChmber@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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