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My Daith Experience @ Psycho Tattoo

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I moved to Israel in September 1997. My best friend Kristi came to visit me in February 1998. One day she mentioned that she wanted another hole in her upper ear cartilage. I suggested that we go get our ears pierced together as a souvenir of her visit. I had found a great piercer (Guy at Psycho Tattoo in Tel Aviv), and he had done my nostril and both nipples. We went by the studio, and he did Kristi's ear first. She just wanted a simple cartilage pierce about halfway up her outer ear. It was over pretty quickly and she said not too painful. Guy then asked me what I wanted, and I wasn't sure, so he said we could look at some pictures. He showed me a lot of photos of ear cartilage pierces, and I said to him that he should choose what he felt like doing. He looked at my ear, and said I had a great prominent piece of cartilage for a daith. So I said sure, that would be cool. We chose a 16 gauge titanium CBR with a hematite bead. He cleaned and marked, etcetera, and had me lie down. He had bent the needle so it would go through, and started the pierce. Boy did it HURT! Far more than any other piercing (including the nips), or any of my tattoos. Just as I was about to cry from the pain he said he was finished. He is very competent, and sure handed, and it was over as quickly as it could have been, but it's a tough pierce to do. The placement is beautiful, very deep. He says it's the best one he's ever done. It healed relatively easily, although it was really sore for about a week, and it was cranky if I slept on it. It got a swollen pimple like spot at one of the entry holes, but when I stopped sleeping on that ear, and doing lots of salt water soaks, it went away. It's been 4 months now and it's pretty much healed. I am lucky with my cartilage piercings, they have always healed quickly. Guy is a big believer in titanium in tricky spots like cartilage, and I guess he's right, at least in this case. I love my pierce! And it's a nice souvenir of my friend visiting me, we will always have this experience together.

Melissa =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Ear Piercing

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