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DIY Outer Conch

ome time ago, I wrote about my own do-it-yourself nipple experiences. Now I have a new story to tell, about helping to pierce my neighbor's outer conch cartiledge.

College is full of pierced people, from the people with the 'trendy' piercing (navel, eyebrow, and now tongue), to the people with a serious interest in modifying their bodies. Just the other night, I saw a guy in the elevator with stretched lobes fit with metal loops that his earrings hung from. It looked really cool!

Anyway, my neighbor came over one day and asked for some alcohol so she could clean a straight pin and an earring to pierce the cartiledge of her ear. I told her not to do it that way and offered her my iodine and a larger gauge syringe needle. She said she'd stick with the straight pin but took the iodine to clean her ear.

As I went down the hall to watch, I grabbed my bottle of alcohol-based oral anaesthetic for her. She cleaned her ear with alcohol, swabbed on the anaesthetic, then used a hearty amount of iodine. She stuck the straight pin in and started to push. It made it through the thin flesh without trouble, but hit cartiledge and wouldn't budge. She pushed and pushed, and finally had a pin straigh through her ear. She was just beginning to feel some pain.

She took the pin out and got a thin earring, and started working that through. That had the same problem - it hit cartiledge and wouldn't go through. Eventually, she was pushing on it hard enough to bring tears to her eyes and it wouldn't work.

We put the pin back through, from the back of the ear, and tried to thread the earring in from the front, touching the pin. It didn't work. Her ear was bleeding more by now, so I went and got cotton balls - and a sterile needle. When I got back, she had the earring through a bit of the cartiledge, and we could see the tip of it, PUSHING THE CART OUT 1/4" BEHIND HER EAR!!! Things didn't look so good.

I had an idea and unwrapped the needle. I pushed it though the bulging cart, felt a spongy feeling, and then her earring went through cleanly. It bled a little more, but looked terrific!

She admitted in the end that she should have used the needle instead of the pin, but was pleased with the result anyway. Her ear hurt a little more that day, and was quite red, but has healed in about 2 weeks and looks very nice.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 1998
in Ear Piercing

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