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Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto

Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto

I was getting into piercing, but I only had normal parts of my ear pierced. When I was a junior in high school, I got my left earlobe pierced (big whoop) and then once I got into college I pierced my cartilage.. I had to take that out because I was involved in army ROTC but once I decided I didn't like ROTC is when I started to experiment. In January of my freshman year in college I got my cartilage pierced again, and then I went to Trash American Style in Danbury, CT, and got myself a few more earrings and a piercing needle. I made my way to my girlfriend's house (the snow in Connecticut is awful sometimes but I wanted to get a few more earrings so I parked my Camaro, which is awful in the snow anyway, like a mile from my girlfriend's house and walked the rest of the way). When I got there, we put the earrings in alcohol and my girlfriend and her mom helped me pierce my lobes 3 more times. Then I thought about my friend mike who had his tragus pierced. I thought it was pretty funky so I stopped by Peter Tat-2 in Danbury and found out how much it cost to get done. He told me 25 plus the cost of the earring so I was like Cool! and decided that right before I would go back to school, I would get it done. So my girlfriend met me at my workplace one friday night, when I had planned to get pierced.

We went to Peter Tat-2 and talked to Jason, the piercer, who was one of my close friends in middle school but who I hadn't talked since like 7th grade. We were about to pierce me when I got paged by my mom. She was waiting for me for dinner, so I had to rush straight home. I drove my girlfriend back to her house and she told me to come back to her house to pick her up when I was going to go back to the tattoo place.

After dinner, I jumped in my camaro and drove straight to her house. I knocked on the door. No answer. I tried again, and when she didn't come down I went out to my car and honked the horn real loud. I figured she had gone out, but her parents were not home so I had no idea what was going on. I honked the horn again, waited, and left. I got to the piercing place and called her house. She said she didn't hear me because the music was too loud but I told her I couldn't come and pick her up because Jason had to leave in about 20 minutes, and nobody else there could pierce me. So I went into the back room and saw all the stuff he was going to use. He sterilized the earring, put some goop on my tragus, tried fitting a cork into the middle of my ear, and figured out where the hole was going to be. I gripped the side of my pants and he stuck the needle in. I was not sure when the needle had gone all the way in, because it just felt like he was pushing the needle against the skin but I didn't feel all the pain I thought I would feel. But the needle was all the way through, he looped the earring in, clamped the ball onto it, and was done.

I asked to use his phone again to let my girlfriend know that it was done. As the phone was ringing, the door to the piercing room burst open and she was standing there, out of breath. I hung up the phone, and looked at her, the gleam off my tragus telling her that she was too late. I asked her how she got there, because her parents had her car. She had broken into her parents' safe and taken the keys to the other car which they keep in the garage. Basically, she stole the car and her parents did not know about it. She was pissed that she missed the piercing. I felt bad but she felt even worse.

My parents hated the new earring, my friends back in college thought it looked extremely painful, but I love it. I acted in a play a few weeks ago, and it hadn't completely healed yet. So when I took the hoop out to go on stage, and my ear was coated in blood, I decided that was the worst part of the piercing. The piercing itself did not hurt; I experienced much more pain with the cartilage piercing, but the worst part of the tragus piercing was having to take it out and risk an infection. But Jason at Peter Tat-2 was extremely sanitary and I took good care of it. Do I regret getting it pierced? Not at all. In fact, I am now planning on getting my toungue pierced, but that will be a whole different experience.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Ear Piercing

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