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Ear stretching

'm a 16 year old boy who just love piercing, and I have quite a lot of them, including stretched earlobes.I'd never heard of such a thing as stretched earlobes until I visited a music festival 2 years ago.

Me and some friends were strolling around town when we noticed a small piercing studio.

At this time I had just one piercing, but my interest for it was still very big, so we went inside.

Since I wasn't 18, I didn't expect the piercer to do any work on me, but I figured that I would just go inside and have a look at some jewelry.

I had already pushed in a large amount of ordinary ear rings in an excisting earlobe piercing that I did when I was 12, and I asked the piercer if she could check how big it was.

She checked, and said that it was 2.4mm.

I was a bit dissapointed, cause the 2.4mm CBR she showed me didn't look that big to me.

Julia, as the piercers name was, then asked me if I wanted to stretch it and put a 5mm flesh tube in.At that time, I didn't know what a flesh tube was, but when she showed it to me and I realized that I would be able to see straight through my ear there was no doubt about it. I REALLY wanted to have a flesh tube in my ear!

Julia put some lubrication on a taper and gave it to me. I was really surprised that she didn't ask me if I was 18, but of course I didn't say anything.

It took about an hour to get the taper through, and I must admit that it hurted quite a bit that first time.....

When Julia was about to help me to get the flesh tube in there was a problem.

A small piece of tissue was in the way inside my earlobe, so Julia had to try several times to get it through.I could feel that my earlobe was very warm and tender.

Suddenly said : OK, you're done, and let go of my sore ear. I could see that there was a lot of blood on her hands. That scared me a bit, but she explained that the swelling and bleeding would stop in a few days, and asked me if I wanted to look in a mirror.I did, and I can't
describe the feeling that went through me as I was staring right through my ear!!!

It was incredible!I went from the studio and enjoyed the incredible feeling of having modified my body.

In the evening, my ear was so swollen that it felt almost like rubber, but it went away in a few days.

When I got home, I tried to calm my mom down by saying that I wouldn't stretch it any bigger.(I had other plans in my mind though....)

Julia had explained to me that if I you want a big stretching to close up completely, it can't be bigger than 12mm.

I figured that I would go up to approximately 10mm and stay there.

A few months later, I met Julia again in a fare , I asked if I could stretch it from 5 to 8mm, and she said that it was OK.The next day I went back and stretched it from 8 to 10mm, and I thought that it was HUGE!

My friends and family thought that I was nuts, but they accepted it in a while.

Soon I started to think that 10mm was quite a small hole after all, and I decide to go for a 12mm plexitube instead.Now, when I didn't have a piercer to help me, I decided to do it on my own.The problem was what to stretch with.I decide to go for a drumstick(!) since I didn't have anything else.The stretch went OK and I soon had a 12mm plexitube in my ear.

But still I wasn't satisfied, as soon as the stretching had calmed down I thought that it looked small.So i figured:What the hell, I don't care if my ear looks strange when I'm old,

and went for a bigger size.After another month I was up in 18mm, but then I realized that it looked a bit uneven to have a big stretched earlobe on one side, and nothing in the other earlobe.I pierced it too, and after about two months I had stretched it out to 18mm.

But now I had a new problem, the first hole that I started to stretch was placed way too far down on my earlobe, this caused in loss of tissue on the bottom of the ear, and since it was too much tissue above the tube, there was no tension in it, so my whole earlobe moved around when I was moving my head.I figured that the best thing to do was to remove the flesh tube ,let the hole get smaller, and then cut it to 20mm.(since my other earlobe stretching is 20mm.)

It has now gone down to about 8mm (the human body is truly amazing!)

and the cutting is not far away now.... I live in Sweden, and here people aren't so open to these kind of things as they seem to be in America, people never come up to me and ask about my piercings, they just stare and whisper to each other.

Since I live in a quite small village, there are a whole bunch of rumours going on about me behind my back: He's gay! He has H.I.V! He's a criminal! He's mentally disturbed!

But I don't really mind.The people who says such things about me don't even know me , and if they want to live with their frightness of things that are different, it's up to them.

If someone thinks that I'm ugly, that's OK with me, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comments like: You're ugly, should never be taken personally.

Now for some stretching tips, if you have a quite large (about 7mm+) stretching, take a shower before you try to stretch it, since the hole gets much bigger when it's wet.I have a 20mm hole, but when I've taken a shower, I can get a 22mm plug in if I want to.

And the most important thing:


If you go to fast, it will bleed and hurt, you can get nasty scar tissue and an uneven shape of the hole.

I've sometimes stretched my earlobes way too fast from time to time, because of lack of patience, and looking back, I must say that I would have been better of stretching it slowly.

My main project right now, besides the earlobe cutting, is to stretch my tounge (if you think that earlobe stretching hurt, DON'T try to stretch your tounge!). I'm at 6mm right now and my goal is to put a 9 or 10 mm flesh tunnel in.

That's all for now, I'll probably get back to you if I do the earlobe cutting!

Mikael Kallin mikaelkallin@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Ear Piercing

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