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Ear Piercing Tips and Lobe Stretching, Pauls way

A little history about me before i begin, i'm a 45 year old guy, i have a 6 ga PA, both nips are at 8ga, and i have 6 piercing in my left ear, one of which is a cartilage, and 1 piercing in my right earlobe. I got my first piercing, my left earlobe, about four years ago, and like lots of other people had it done at one of those mall ear piercing places. I know what you're thinking, that guns are bad, but at the time i wasn't online to read the FAQ's, or BME, but despite itself my earlobe healed nicely. I liked the look of multiple pierces, so i had 4 more done in my left ear, i know it's pretty unusual for a guy to have multiple ear piercings, but i like the look, and it makes me unique.

I work for a computer company, and although i don't come in contact with customers very much i still have to look somewhat respectable, while my ear piercings were healing, i would wear fishing line in them to hide the holes and keep them open. I would get my piercings done the friday before my weeks vacation, and try to have the monday after my vacation a holiday, so there would be about 11 days since the piercing. This would allow enough time for the piercing to start to heal so when i switched from the piercing jewelry to the fishing line the hole wouldn't close up too fast. I would take a clear mono filament fishing line about the same gauge as the piercing jewelry, and use a lighter to melt the end so it was slightly rounded and bigger than the rest of the line, you don't want a big blob on the end, then i would cut a piece of the line, leaving the rounded end, long enough to go thru your ear with enough length be able to move the line back and forth for cleaning. Using a nail file i would slightly round and bevel the cut end and smooth the end you rounded with the lighter making sure there are no sharp edges. Not having an autoclave, i would clean the line with rubbing alcohol then put in boiling water. When inserting the line into my ear i would put a little neosporin on the line as a lube. I know piercers would frown on my sterilizing procedure, but it worked for me with no problems. Now that my piercings are a couple years old i can go without anything in them during the day.

About a year ago i became intrigued with stretched earlobes, and wanted to do it myself so i ordered some tapers and jewelry from a piercing supply shop, 16ga thru 10ga. BTW the tapers were not very expensive. I decided to stretch my left earlobe, so i started with the 16 ga taper, using some neosporin as a lube i started to insert the taper, there is a certain point at which the taper won't go any further without hurting your ear, what i have learned from doing, is you back the taper out for a minute then resume inserting it, you may have to repeat this procedure a few times to get it all the way thru. Once the taper is thru you can have the jewelry follow the taper thru your ear. When i talk about jewelry, i mean bought at or thru a piercing supply shop, not bought at the mall. You can expect your ear to be sore for a day or two, but by no means should your ear bleed. I have used this procedure to get my earlobe to the 0ga it is today. I would wait two or three months between stretches, to allow the ear to heal and adjust to the new size. Going from 6ga to 4 ga to 2ga to 0ga , each stretch up was more intense and took longer than the previous. From 8ga on up to 0ga i wear acrylic plugs, i like the clear, especially at 0 ga, you can see thru the ear, for work i wear a black plug. The plugs cost around $9. - $12. each. I was lucky in that my local piercing shop sold me the tapers i needed and they did not cost a lot.

I don't know if i'll stretch any further or not yet, but i'll let you know.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Ear Piercing

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