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8g Tragus Dermal Punch Experience @ Infinite

ht now I am very happy to announce that I'm the brand spankin new owner of an 8g dermalled tragus! Not many people can say that, and no one that has ever been pierced at Infinite can, so says Jim Weber! He said that my traguses (or is it tragi?) are very large. At first I wasn't sure of what I wanted when I went in, ah the choices: tragus, anti-tragus, conch industrial, vertical lobe, hard to decide! Basically I really liked the look of the anti-tragus, and that was what I wanted. I showed both Jim and Jeff a pic of the way I wanted it pierced off of BME, they said it might be tricky to heal, and to wear, so I decided against it, until the summer anyway. I would have gotten both the tragus (maybe even both traguses or tragi) and the anti-tragus today, but since I go to a catholic high school, that wouldn't be wise. They only allow 1 earring per male, I already have two: Basic cartilage on the left one, brand new tragus on the right. Anyhow, I asked them whats the biggest that you'd go on my tragus? At first it was 14g, no 10g, ya know what? How about 8g! I did show a bit of pain on my face when I heard 8g! But then thought about it, it did seem interesting! I've never seen anyone sport an 8g tragus before, other than those on Jon Cobb on BME. So I said lets do it! At first, I asked Jeff, the studio assistant about a hollow O-ring bar that I remember seeing on Infinites web site. He said sure lets go with that! I thought, hummm, what an interesting look! He agreed. But then Jim came back from piercing another customer and said, no, not right now. With the combination of swelling and of course me needing to clean it, the O-ring bar didn't offer enough room. He said a minibar would work best, so I said sure. I was very patient and not the least bit nervous outside the piercing rooms. I guess it was a combo of this being my 8th piercing, and knowing that Infinite is very professional is what calmed me down. The time came around for me to be pierced. Jim was as professional as they get. Not like the piercer that I went to before, that didn't really say much about anything other than aftercare, and thats about it. Jim did make me feel comfortable, was as friendly as they get, and did know what he was talking about. So then after getting all the tools and stuff ready, finally the big moment arrived! Ready he said? I said, yeah. So then the breating started. My heart started pounding, and then that weird noise, sounded just like someone biting into an apple and then boom, it was done! Pain was near to non-existant. There was a dull pain, and I did moan for about two seconds, but IMHO: piece of cake! Other than my eyebrow pierce, this one hurt the least. It did bleed awhile, but Jim kept cleaning it off until the bleeding ceased. As I said VERY professional! Then I saw it, looked like a big ball coming out of my ear. Guess that I have to get used to it, I said. Jim did crack a smile, and we went over aftercare. As soon as I got home, I gave it a nice warm salt soak! I looked at it in the mirror, and in my side mirror also. Definitally interesting! I like the look! The cool part is that it is so big, which means more possibilities, like plugs and what I really want, hollow O-ring bars. Can't wait till it heals! If all goes well, I'll dermal my other tragus at 8g also! Can't wait till the summer, ah, a lot of ear work awaits! Well, this nice big hole should keep me busy till then! BTW: If at all possible, don't ever get your ear cartilage pierced with needles, far too much pain IMHO. Go with the dermal, you'll like it! And the thing I'm really interested about, is that my tragus is nowhere near as sore as my basic cartilage piercing at 10g was. Believe me, go with the dermal! Well, I'm see all you people later!

P.S. Still debating of when (not if I will, because I will!) to send pics to BME. Now? Or when its healed and I can put in different jewelry and also show off the large gauge hole? I'll wait till its healed! Be patient, it will be worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1998
in Ear Piercing

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