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Sewing up my lobes.

first had my ears pierced when I was about 12, it being a "cool" thing do amongst our group. Well I guess it was for the rest but for me I felt it was something I needed to do for myself. Our different reasons seen when my friends were wearing a huge gold sleeper (with a VERY thin -ouch! - section going in the ear) in the single left lobe piercing, while I'm wearing 3 in the left and 2 in the right lobes with a couple of high cart piercing (is this that normal for a 14 year old guy?)

Anyway as I was getting older and more adventurous more

piercings followed. Some play in the arms and legs but also nips and navel. I then started to get an urge to stretch my lobes. I didn't know how much but I just wanted them bigger. Anyone stretching their lobes will identify with this, if you say you're so big, I bet you end up going bigger! My left went first, good idea I think to work on one, to help with sleeping when they are a little sore, and eventually I reached 1 inch. Okay it's a good idea to go slow, but sometimes it's real hard not too, good advice is one thing but when you WANT those plugs that are just a little bigger. Anyway the skin had stretched evenly, their being a lot more flesh than when I started and was very happy. Then came the right.

Seeing the larger left made me want the right to be big, and be

as quick as possible in the stretching process. I got to about 20mm, this was done a lot quicker than the left and I noticed the skin wasn't as even around the bottom of the lobe. It is no way thin to the extent of creating problems like the skin dying and then snapping, but to me it seemed a problem. I took my plug out and decided to let it shrink and then make another attempt. The hole shrank to about 16mm but the skin was still the same thickness/shape.

I've seen the ear reconstructing on bme and decided to do something kinda similar. I wanted to use fishing line but in the end decided to use cotton thread (read the rest of the story before I get start getting slated). I took a 16-gauge needle blade and then made 2 piercings either side of the thinnest part of the lobe and pulled the thread fairly tight to pull the lobe together. I knew that the lobe wouldn't fuse back together since there was no incision, but figured it would help the bottom part to shrink since this is where the weight of the jewellery primarily acts. I figured I'd leave the thread in for 3 days and basically see what happened. I could now put a 10mm tube in, but the placement was too high and close to my head. This would have a problem if I wanted to stay at 10m but I wanted 1 maybe 2inch so I thought that the finished product would look ok. Obviously my lobe started to swell and hurt, after 1-1/2 days it looked pretty nasty. After 2 days I decided to take it out, and found that the thread had embedded into my skin and had quite a task to actually get it out.

For the next couple of days my lobe was swollen/red/hurty and

looked nasty. After the swelling had gone down I found that the hole had closed up considerably (less than 10mm) and although the skin was thicker around the bottom of my lobe, it was still thinner where it had originally been. Conclusion? Success and failure.

I basically made a mess of my ear, the choice of material being

inadequate but gave the desired result. The swelling caused by the thread helped he lobe to shrink down, and has left me with very little scar tissue around the area.

I've got to a stage where my lobes are quite big but I am not actively stretching now. I will eventually get bigger, I can still hear the 2 inch plugs calling and will eventually give in. my left lobe is still in an ok state to stretch big just as long as I go slow.

The moral of the story: when stretching your ears GO SLOW.

Nick shura@bme.freeq.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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